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Are there "artists" on Fiverr that actually design and not fill in clip art templates?


WTF? I just dropped 5000 rupees on complete shite.


5000 rupees?

I thought Fiverr only accepted US Dollar… hmmm… :thinking:


I was being facetious. Since all the logo “artist” I contact are in India or Pakistan.


The company is called Fiverr. You get clip art for $5. I thought I’d get better quality with $50. That gets you clip art too.


The platform is called Fiverr. The sellers are individuals.
Lots and lots of rubbish sellers in that category for sure but it is possible to find good sellers who create original artwork too. If your budget really is $50 and not $5 then you should expect something better than clip art - if the seller’s work does not match the standard of their portfolio/samples or what you have requested then you should ask for a refund.


You can hire me. I don’t work off a template. You can see my portfolio here. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mod Note: Sellers - the above “self promotion” is a joke. @emmaki does not actually offer graphic design. Please do not use the forum for self promotion.


I am inclined to agree with you.

All of my work is done custom no matter what the cost, but I can tell some clients are apprehensive they’ll receive good results when they’ve only paid $5 or $10.

It worries me for these poor sellers receiving clip art or other such premade designs - copyright issues are SERIOUS.


For artwork I usually:

  1. Ask for a portfolio of past work.
  2. Reverse image search some of said past work, are they just stealing other people’s work?
  3. Shop around for the best deal.


in my opinion you should always check an artist’s portfolio before making a purchase.
there are lots of artists on fiverr that produce good content!


There are incredible artists on fiverr who do very high quality work often for only $5.


Yeah @zeus777 is a genius!



I think @nizate summed it up.
If you have any doubts, just do reverse image search.
You’ll be surprised how many of those designers/illustrators are just using clip art, but if you
search well enough, you will find great people offering original work for sure.
Just put in those extra few minutes to do research, it’s worh it. :slight_smile:


How I wish there was a reverse video search as well, so people would finally see that they are getting stolen templates instead of original work… :frowning:


I can draw you a cat for $5?