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Are there levels for buyers?

There definitely needs to be a system of levels for buyers - much like the system of levels for sellers, it promotes entrepreneurial-ship and for sellers to constantly improve their gigs. A similar levelling system I think would be a great way to encourage buyers to literally keep buying! What do you all think?

I have asked this at a different similar gig site that I have bought a lot of gigs from, the owners response to me, that I also have done biz with via their separate SEO site, so I actually have been in communication with them overall more than just a little, was he is looking into it, which was just a polite way to respond and not to say no, or whatever, the simple truth is, that it is not actually happening. Not much purpose from the site owners viewpoint and so not much interest to do it. That is what it seems most likely to me. Not any real need to do it basically, so it probably won’t happen.

I think buyers ratings should be shown on their profiles. This way we can read about other sellers experiences with them so we know what to expect. I am not sure how given buyers levels would benefit anyone though. Would they receive discounts for placing xx amount of orders through Fiverr?

Reply to @victoria91: no I don’t think discounts would/could be awarded, but if you get phoney buyers then they would have a lower level making it easier for you to get your money without them ever submitting the complete button?!

Otherwise, its a sign of trust/prestige having a high buyer rating… maybe can offer cash back incentives to those who purchase lots…

Not sure really, its just a thought! :slight_smile:

Okay @tommysbigfan , I get what you are saying now. I sure would love a way to know which buyers are genuine and which ones are not when they contact inquiring about my gigs. Luckily, I have not run into a truly horrible buyer who made me want to pull my hair out but I agree it is good to know just in case that time arises.

This would be so helpful if it gets added as a feature on Fiverr :slight_smile: