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Are there no buyers on fiverr or I have No Luck

Hi Guyz,

Everyone Go check out My Gigs and Buy some Gigs. Becuse No One wants To Buy. AGHHHH!


Hi hdlogodesigner

I am not a… “guy” but I will try to give some tips :slight_smile:

First, I like your work. Especially the pixel thing, it is so cute!

But why dear girl haven’t you used the possibility that Fiverr offers in order to prove your work? You can use 3 images for each of your gigs plus a cover page! You are a designer, potential customers need to see a variety of your work! Samples! There are so many others doing what you do on Fiverr.

Until you get a large portofolio why don’t you make a video where you can show samples of your work. Gigs with a video sell 400% more; it is said. You are such a beautiful lady (on your profile picture). If you make a video with you talking about your work explaining why buyers should select your gigs among thousands of others, I think you will get even more sales :slight_smile:

Last but not least: have you promoted your lovely work on your social media?

Well, I hope that helps,



Thanks for the Tips.

For The Promoting I did alot especially in Facebook Groups.

For The Sample I will Do Now.

For The Video. I don’t have the Right Equipment and don’t know how to edit a video.

But I will Try to make The Video With My Phone(iPhone 6) B-)