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Are there non serious buyers on fiverr?


Hi all,

I am trying to work seriously and honestly here on fiverr. I request buyers to work for them. There are buyers who ask post their demands but never respond. Fiverr these days is full of such non serious buyers.
Guys, i want you to suggest me how to catch good work and serious buyers?


Look for the quality ones!
How is their English ?
What are they asking for ?
How much are they offering ?

Make these decisions based on the above, and screen your buyers until you can tell the quality and seriousness of buyer right from the start :slight_smile:


Thank you for your input. There are more people who offer their services, less who are asking for services.


how do you request buyer to work for them?
Sellers are more non serious then buyers


I tell them about my services. With a brief introduction.


How would i request them, kindly guide me.