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Are there rules against a seller inflating their price?

I contacted a seller about a job, but when I gave the details of what I wanted, they said it would be 13 times what they ask for on their page (they only have one price listed). When I said I couldn’t afford that and asked how they determine that price, they stopped responding. Is this legitimate practice, or did they violate some rules, because it all seems sketchy to me, especially as someone using this site for the first time.

There is nothing bad in them asking for more depending on what the details of your job is. They might need more resource to complete your task according to your details.

I understand that some jobs are harder than others, but I never asked for anything 13 times more complex than the other stuff they were featuring. They never explained the reasons for the increased price either, and they immediately stopped responding once I asked why.

Alright, then move on. There are a lot of sellers here, if one is not responding to you then find another. Am sure you will find a seller who will be able to do your task based on your budget.


As @datwriterguy said, there’s nothing wrong with changing the price if the requirements change. However, if the seller is not willing to explain it within 24 hours then I’d recommend picking another seller. I say 24 hours because just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they are ignoring you.

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Yeah, I decided that would be best due to their strange behavior. But are there a lot of sellers who do this on Fiverr? I understand if I’m asking for more than the ordinary buyer, although I don’t think I was, but the whole thing seemed suspect to me.

It depends entirely on what you’re asking for,

You said the seller had one gig price - what was it that put you off just ordering the gig?

It was when the price went from $10 to $130 even though my request seemed to fall under all the things offered by their regular $10 rate (so I don’t understand how it got more than 10 times higher) and when I asked about it they never responded again. I’m okay with moving on, but this sort of thing makes me a little unsure of who I contact on Fiverr, especially with numerous buyers and sellers saying they’ve gotten ripped off before.

And many happy buyers and sellers who don’t come onto the forum to tell us all about their successful purchases or sales.

Sadly, people rarely comment when things are going well, and will only come onto the forum to when things have gone badly - it’s human nature, :wink:


That is a bit much, so maybe you just got unlucky. In most cases if you properly explain your requirements then price doesn’t change that much.


Sometimes, but for me a common thing goes like this.

Buyer: how much for this script?
me: $20, here’s an offer.
Buyer, can you add music?
me: Yes, now $30 total.
Buyer: Oh and can I have it tomorrow?
me: Yes, total now $130


That’s fair, since you’re explaining the increase with every step, and you probably don’t just stop responding if they ask for more information. I was expecting something like this, like if I think the $100 increase is too steep for my budget, I can just negotiate to get it in a week or two.


This means it’s time to find another seller since they demonstrated more than one trait that is not what you want in a seller. Forget about this one.

Yes they are allowed to do this but since they stopped responding they apparently do not want your business for reasons unknown. Don’t worry about it.


There is no excuse for them not responding to you.

There are all kinds of buyers, but in such cases I don’t think the requirements were properly communicated in the first response.
It should have been like " Can you write me a script, add music to it and get it done by tomorrow?". Then you reply with an offer $130.

Anyway, increasing the price that much and not explaining it is probably not a good sign :slight_smile:
If they reply back with a valid justification then that’s fine.

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I think they may get that price when they ask for it if they are TRS with great reviews but they might simply not want to work right now and do that to drive buyers away. I do that at times and most seriously interested buyers simply accept it but some don’t and that’s ok too. It can depend on how they feel about a buyer, how much they think they will need to do on the job etc.

I do that as well, but not because I wish to get rid of them. It’s just that when I’m completely booked and you ask me to complete your order during a weekend then I will charge you more because I’m sacrificing quality time with my family. Most companies pay you extra when they ask you to work during the weekend or do some overtime after normal hours.

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Yes I understand. I do that when I sense a buyer needs a lot of help, more than usual, and I follow my instincts strictly at all times. I can’t price each individual case the same for lots of reasons. Most seem to understand. Some of my buyers are curiosity seekers who won’t be demanding, and many others are in need of lots of handholding.

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I appreciate hearing from other sellers on here. I have a brother who worked on here for a bit but left after a bad experience with a buyer who never paid him for his work.

The seller I was in contact with just responded, saying they would accept $20 less than their original request, though it’s still ten times what they ask for on their page, and they didn’t explain why they’re suddenly asking for less now. I’m going to ask again what they based the price on, but I think I’m dropping out either way, at this point it’s more that I don’t want to spend that kind of money with someone who I’m not sure if I can trust.