Are there some customers you cannot please.. or is the customer always right?


This question goes for any fiver giggers out there. Where do YOU draw the line? At what point is your customer not right and you give up on the sale all together?


I suspect that @OldBittyGrandma had me in mind when she wrote her comment :slight_smile:

I would argue that it is easy to demonstrate that the customer is NOT always right once I know who you are.

For example: If you’re a law and order person, the “customer” buying unlawful drugs is not right. If you’re an anti-racist, progressive. Then the one using slave labour and buying people as property is not right.

Now having addressed that. I appreciate what @MadMoo is saying there is some value in having the customer feel special, as if you’re aware of the transactional relationship and understanding that people part with $5 not because something is worth $5…but usually because it’s worth MORE than $5 and at that moment worth more than anything else for $5.

In closing, I never “give up” on a sale. But I very joyously end my relationship with some blood sucking leaches (LOL) who were in disguise as a customer.


I would say that while I don’t think the customer is always right, I will treat the customer as right, no matter what. Being rude? That’s fine- business with a smile as usual! Want me to draw a three year old in baby clothes because you believe anyone up to the age of five still sucks dummies? Sure- why not? Haven’t paid for an extra but insist I do it anyway? Fine, you little devil, you~

I suppose it all centres on how tolerant you are.


I do not believe the customer is always right. I can honestly look at the world from both perspectives having been self employed almost all my life, and being a buyer of goods all my life. Many times I may not be happy with a purchase, but I can’t expect that every single time I can just go back and get a refund. I have to look at the situation and take responsibility where its due (and many people can’t seen to do this any more). Maybe I am partially or fully at fault. Just because I am a buyer does that mean I should get a refund even if the seller is totally in the right? NO! Maybe I bought the wrong product for me. The wrong color, wrong size, wrong whatever. In some cases they seller can put it back on the shelf and resell it. No harm no foul, but in some cases it cannot be resold. So why should they eat it? I think the same for me as a seller. If I didnt do anything wrong but you just decided that it wasnt what you thought it was going to be, does that mean I should loose and give you a refund? No way! Because in that case any body can just say “I didnt like it, give me a refund”. In that case I will never make a penny. I think the buyer is right when the seller screws up or doesnt do what he or she is supposed to do. For example I order a gig where an anime is drawn rowing a boat but I get an anime where the character is falling off a building. Then when I complain the seller says “tough. no revisions” that is a definite refund situation there.