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Are there still 2010 pioneer sellers here? Just curious :) Remember those years? :D

I rarely visit the forum but I just really get curious now if there are still members here from the year of 2010 since fiverr started… I actually saw one and just immediately thought wow we are here in Fiverr for almost 7 years now…So hows the 7 years guys? Remember the first year? The artistic gigs? The person who swim in the pool for a message? The plastic bag man? Madmoo? and many more :slight_smile: :smiley: Fiverr now is totally different but after all I continue to love it :slight_smile: Share you experience :wink:


I’ve been here like forever, March 2010 to be more exact. Glad to see I’m not the only oldie in the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I still look at pictures of the old Fiverr Beta to remind me of the good old golden days :slight_smile:

I will never forget the hills with sheep and overall greenery in the background image of Fiverr… the friendly and almost children-friendly interface…

And Madmoo (Angie), I’m still friends with her and still talk to her once in a while!

She created this for me when we first talked

Years ago me and Angie had a lot of fun on the forum, along with funny @oldbittygrandma !

And @samcornwell with his wacky videos that were once set as “404” error page videos :smiley:

P.S. and the old Fiverr tagline buy. sell. have fun ! Plus, there was no Forum in the beginnings, it was all so peaceful :sweat_smile:


Oh my golly you still have the screen shot :smiley: yes I definitely remember that and The guy I can’t forget is the Plastic Bag man I keep searching his profile to see if his still active :smiley: Yes It was really friendly looking and artistic. Now Fiverr is already in maturity stage :smiley: Wow I don’t know if you remember the gig message lips? :smiley: I created that first idea here in Fiverr that time :smiley: Hope fiverr will host a party for 2010 Batch :smiley:

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I don’t remember unless you refresh my memory - my brain isn’t what it used to be :cry: I’ve started forgetting a lot of things, and it’s getting more serious each year :frowning:

Some oldies but goldies for you!

– the things people did for $5 :grin:


Now I remember…I remember them all :smiley: I think it’s already complicated to remember I am not that famous compare to them before but I got featured :smiley: Are they still around? Funny moments and yes right samcornwell he even started the video seasons right? :smiley: So cool

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I checked, they’re all still there :grin: Although some don’t have gigs anymore :cry:

Aww that’s sad. My gig is still active but rarely have orders it really doesn’t matter as long the gig is active now for 7 yrs :smiley: I just checked sam’s gigs are not there anymore yes I do really hope one day Fiverr will host party for us hahaha I hope :smiley:

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I hopped onboard 3 years later, still on the old platform though.

I remember when Fiverr introduced Fiverr V2 (?) and oh, yea, those soul satisfying green mountains featuring the blue sky :heart_eyes:

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This thread stole all my :heart:’s already!

Yeah, I remember when Fiverr v2 was introduced. It was a big game changer!


It’s incredible seeing the amount of progress(?) or how Fiverr has evolved over the last 7 years! (and for me 4)

V2 was a huge change. I remember people being upset of the change but that was their best move yet.

Also, years back I used to be a regular in the Forum and I remember fonhaunt, Madmoo, oldbitty gramnda and the crew.

Time flies(!) by when you’re having browse buy FUN! then it was changed to browse buy done and now it’s we do **** <-- That’s a slight change in attitude?

So many memories.

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Haha, I was one of those who complained that Fiverr v2 had too many bugs :smiley: But admit it, it had a lot of bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. It was a massive change. It was a completely new interface and no one was sure how other would react but looking back, the old site looked outdated and rusty.

Also, they created the new website with the opportunity to make creative improvements in a breeze.

I would say though that I would love to see the old website. Just to see it live right now in action would put a smile on my face!

Actually, you can, live but partially, though… :grin:

Here you go, how Fiverr looked like in March 2010 when I signed up:

And when the domain was acquired? in Dec. 2009:

Oh, noes, my old gigs :smile: so embarrassed right now :blush:

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I am a Fiverr-youth comparatively since I came along in 2014 but found the forum fast! Angie (Madmoo) and I started talking and she was the reason I joined the sheriff team.

All the mods were called sheriffs then and had little gold stars. I’m still in touch with several of those originally on the forum team. Memories!


I so remember when Angie was a Sheriff :smiley: I think the Sheriff title was better - “Moderator” is a bit cold :smiley:

So sad she’s not on the forum anymore after the system change… I talked to her recently, but… she’s not having any plans for now to come back… :cry:

And how there was no Twilight Zone “Buyer Requests” page, but rather a “recent suggestions” section on the homepage to aid in giving ideas for new gigs:

– don’t mind the last suggestion :smile: there was too much freedom back then :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, my found a snippet from 2013.

Memories. Memories!

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Remember when our reviews were highlighted?

Or the CTA that pushed sales…


And the personalized messages based on your time, like this night owl message: