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Are there still clients on fiverr?


its been more than a two months now still no clients. are there really clients on fiverr?


yes there is, ive seen multiples people with 400 pending orders


60-70% are repeat clients :slight_smile:


Wow! Who are these sellers with 400 pending orders?


Repeat clients and word of mouth are <3! Most of my business thus far has come from repeat clients. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.



yikes! i see that. Thank you!


I love my repeat clients especially when new client conversion is low. I ballparked my repeat biz percentage here recently and clocked it at about 40. It gets me thru slow weeks when I dip in search.


Most of my clients are also repeat buyers.
I wish Fiverr had some kind of subscription based payment model. It would really come in handy for website maintenance service.


Ouch! All need to be delivered within 2 days.


No, there are no clients, Fiverr HQ, other staff and all the sellers subsist on air & positivity alone.

To get serious, though, you could try forum search for “UpYour” and “how to market your gig”, “how to write successful offers to buyer requests” “best gig tags” etc., or ask people for suggestions on how to improve your gigs in the “Improve my GIG” forum category, maybe you’ll find the one or other tip there that helps you score your first customer. :four_leaf_clover:


Seems like they are drying up.


Seeing what you’re selling, I can see why you’re struggling. People aren’t looking for “Superb Creative Stories.” You also have two gigs, both are exactly the same, that doesn’t help you.

Your gig description says: “i will write poems, non fiction, ghostwriting, short story,children story and also edit your story”

You’d be better off having one gig for children’s stories, one for editing, etc. Also, for non-fiction, the keyword is blog.

Some might be looking for hunting blogs, travel blogs, business blogs, etc. Find an area you like, learn a lot about it, and then write for it. I wouldn’t recommending doing bitcoin blogs if you don’t know the first thing about it.

I see you’re from Ghana, maybe one of the gigs can be about that. Maybe travel advice.


Around 70% of repeat customers here. I kind of prefer it this way, honestly. Saves me from rolling the dice with each new person.


The problem is that a few people get the lions share of the business. For obvious reasons Fiverr doesn’t like this so they make it really hard to find those top sellers as they don’t want to lose sellers. But as a buyer like me you quickly learn to search for those top sellers and ignore the rest

Compare these two sellers one has 15 sales the other over 8,000. I’m going to choose the top seller



If the seller’s got over 8k reviews and is a level 2, they can’t have been that difficult to find?


I think I’d pass out if I have that many!


Excellent, spot on advice :slight_smile:


Thank you for your insight. I’m very interested in your thoughts. Why the top seller?


I strongly suspect that there is a team behind this Seller. Even the reviews, there is one almost every hour. It’s just not possible for 1 person to design logo’s that quickly.