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Are these possible scams?


I wasn’t sure where to put this, but the fact that I feel more like I am ranting then anything made me place it here. U try to be a pretty understanding person and I am not money hungry or anything, but I feel like lately people are trying to take advantage of me based on how they go about things…

Now I haven’t gotten almost any sales in the past month and I know I MAY have gotten some if I would of responded to these few people who have given me a bad vibe, but I am unsure if they are truth worthy or not and would like to know if anyone else has encountered similar instances like these.

  1. Do the job and I will pay you later…

    I had someone asking me to do 2 voice overs and they would pay me for one now and the other later. I didn’t mind this because the voice overs were both short and simple enough that if I didn’t get one payment I wouldn’t of been too upset. I told him/her that I would do the voice overs and asked him to buy my gig once… Then the story changed to I only have $3 and will be able to pay you later but it was a rush and they wanted it quickly… Now I didn’t do the voice over and wasn’t contacted by that person again, but that seemed to obvious…

  2. Then there are people who want me to do examples which I usually do about half the script and so far none have messaged me back. I am unsure if this means I didn’t match what they were looking for or if they wanted free work and were hoping I would do all of it… I know this one is pretty common.

  3. this is the one that baffled me. Someone wanted me to redo someone else’s demo reel and then said it was their voice on the video… and were talking about replacing the audio in that video with mine… umm first of all the video was of another fiverr user and second the picture was of most likely that fiverr user and it completely confused me. At first I though they wanted me to do some lines to show the contrast between my voice and the others… but why would someone who has a voice over demo for fiverr hire another fiverr voice actor? Also why would that fiverr user want another to over due their demo reel… It kind of sounds like they wanted to re-put up their gig with my voice in it instead… which I am unsure if I should be flattered of or not, but has something like that ever happened to anyone else?

    I’m not sure why I am not getting many sales lately but I will cope with that because I would rather not have sales then have my work stolen…

  1. You can also watermark your samples throughout. There is free software to do that or if you use something like Pro Tools or Cakewalk it’s easy to do.


#1 is a scam

#2 is a bit tricky, very often they actually do just want a demo but you have to consider your profit margin, if you invest time into making demos for prospective customers are you really going to be profitable in the end. What I do is send people work I did in the past, which takes 2 seconds. I would not recommend doing custom demos for each request. I had a customer who wanted me to do a 1,000 word testimonial, which I would charge $100 for, but wanted a sample. I told them I would do a 50 word sample for 1 gig, which they paid. So you can do that for larger customer if you like.

#3 is just them trying to scam someone else.