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Are these sentences unprofessional?


While sending an offer to a buyer request posted in the “Recent Buyer Requests” section if a seller uses the following sentences near or at the end will it be unprofessional?
“We are looking forward to hearing from you.”
“We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.”
“Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal.”








Courtesy can never be professional. Would you rather wait for an unidentified period of time?


You still haven’t cleaned up your profile? Dear me.




It’s not. In fact, I use “Hope to hear back from you.” at the end of each of my sentences. It would be unprofessional maybe if you wrote “Please respond.”, but “We hope to hear from you.” isn’t unprofessional.


No. I tend to put phrases like that at the end of a proposal or when communicating with a customer.


Obviously NO!
I also use these sentences.


No this the best way to let the buyer know the someone is waiting for your reply.


No. It isn’t. It’s very official and professional. It’s like when we write a cover letter applying for a job in a company. You have to add that to show your level of seriousness as regards that particular job you are applying for. As a matter of principle, I use it all the time to close my proposals.


It shows a natural flow that is representative of the writer’s style.


I use a positive, assumptive close like “Looking forward to working with you on this project!”


That’s even better.


It’s not unprofessional. I do that all the time.
Also I write phrases like “Looking forward to working with you”.
I believe they get exited about it and they feel more special! :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Its not unprofessional, I think these sentences are very common.