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Are these Thousands of Youtube Views Safe For Videos with Ads [ARCHIVED]

Hi all,

I am actually not sure so i decided to start here for some advice in my research.

I will like to inquire if these gigs of 1,000s + youtube views on here are safe for youtube videos with ads?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sheriff’'s Note: This has been answered in multiple replies. No guarantees.

This is just my opinion but if the seller knows their business, they should suggest you not monetize your video (s), while the views are tabulated. It is my understanding certain clicks/views on ads can have serious consequences. Good luck.

Reply to @ghostblogger:

thanks for the advice.

I think its best to switch off the ads.

You are very welcome

Reply to @arnevb:I wouldn’t say you are the ONLY one… I offer youtube service that isn’t blackhat but yes most of the people here are bringing you FAKE views and i would suggest staying away from that cause you will be banned

Reply to @arnevb:Yep he definitely is. I messaged him about his views but he refused to tell me where he gets the views from.

I’m going to be honest here. I have not seen one Youtube provider that doesn’t use what you guys call ‘Black-Hat’ techniques. And even if there are some, it would still be considered Black Hat since you are paying for views. Hell, I provide a black hat service because I charge for my services. That doesn’t mean you use ‘Bots’ but still… anyway. My point.

I have never seen anyone that doesn’t use bots on YouTube views. And if you think about it, how can someone guarantee a certain amount of views in a certain amount of days? Networks or not, you can’t. Using Youtube share gimmicks like enhance views or things like that are still considered bots.

Youtube knows how to tell. C’mon now, of course they know. It’s YouTube/Google. But, they don’t really care unless you are placing ads. That’s another story. People use ‘Bots’ to get a partnership. (Good bots mind you) But once they get the partnership the bot usage stops or they will loose it. Again. This is Google/Youtube. They’re not dumb. That’s where the Myth that Youtube/Google waits for you to get $100 bucks in your adsense account and then shuts it down. That happens because once you reach the point where it’s time to withdraw they actually check your viewcounts and can then see they’re not real.

Paying for Views, followers, likes, whatever isn’t bad until you begin placing Ads. Then it get’s bad.

TIP: For partners, take the Ads off your videos. Purchase views. Get onto the YouTube front page/Charts and then stop purchasing views and allow ads. That way, the ads are shown after you’re on the front page and getting real views.

In closing. If everything is totally legit when it comes to YouTube views, you couldn’t promise a certain amount of views in a certain amount of time. It just doesn’t work that way. We all know this and most of us don’t care.

I challenge any provider to give me views. I’ll buy the gig. But here’s what happens. We both go along and keep it updated step by step. And I’ll post the YouTube/Google anylitics up. If, according to the anylitics these are real views you’ll have bragging rights and a new customer (Me) that will purchase and purchase… and purchase and purchase.

Reply to @arnevb: I wouldn’t be so sure about (1), considering I am selling scripts here that do exactly that… :smiley:

@bigbadbilly: Awesome post, nothing to add there!

Reply to @bigbadbilly: thanks for your extensive assessment.

Hey guys. Let me be clear.

I’m not saying not to buy views. I myself do it all the time. I even added a tip for doing it correct.

bigbadbilly said: TIP: For partners, take the Ads off your videos. Purchase views. Get onto the YouTube front page/Charts and then stop purchasing views and allow ads again. That way, the ads are shown after you're on the front page and getting real views.

@arnevb - Of course it's possible to get views! But you can't promise a certain amount in a certain time. Nobody can. And you couldn't stop it from being Over or under what you promise. As for social exchange sites, ya. They work but you might as well use a 'Bot'. Sites like 'enhance views', where you earn credits really are cool. But they still use their tools inside the site and YouTube knows about it. Also, with a lot of view sites it's still auto. Sure, different computer, different IP address/location, but a lot of these only cycle through a certain amount of time and move on. And even if they don't, because of the programming they use YouTube can still tell. Again, unless your video has Ads they don't care.

As for submitting to famous sites. Sure. You'll get a mass amount of views. It's the same as getting on the YouTube charts. My point is that you can't control the amount of views or give a time frame.

I've had numerous videos hit the charts. One of them got 300.000 + views in 2 days. But numerous videos have hit the Charts and got between 1000 and 30.000. My point is you can't promise. I've worked with people that keep promoting your video until the view count is reached. But you can't guarantee views in a certain amount of time. That's like telling somebody that: "I guarantee BigBadBilly will walk to get a Coffee in the morning." (I usually do but it's not a guarantee).

Again, with all that said, so long as you don't have Ads on the videos, buying views from a good source like @arnevb is a great way to get yourself on the YouTube charts/front page. Once you get there, stop purchasing views and enable your Ads again. All the views that come from being on the charts (Because you got a lot of views) will all be monitizable.

Reply to @brianpaulyap: Is this your website or someone you have used in the past?

ghostblogger said: It is my understanding certain clicks/views on ads can have serious consequences. Good luck.

What are those consequences? Can you clarify?

I would reply in a word "No"

Its really not safe.

Guys, you do know there has been a youtube algorithm update? its been a bloodbath for a lot of sellers (not all) as a lot of them were using the same method to generate views. Just have a look through fiverr at the buyers feedback on some sellers accounts over the last few days. Instead of just closing it and stopping this method working youtube decided to make an example and mass deleted videos and views and quite a few sellers who claimed they were not using bot views obviously were. A similar thing happened a few months ago with another method used to generate views, but this time youtube have decided to take some serious action. I would wait a while before buying any views at all to see who is using alternative methods that still work.

All my views on my youtube channel

are all genuine, no bots… purely my own marketing through relevant forums or social media sites, I will test out a marketing seller on fiverr that doesn’t use bots, and get’s genuine views to see what virality impact it has.

It’s that or always bee looking over your shoulder and worrying if your account/videos are going to get removed.

It’s probably very easy for youtube to detect, even yourself… as I’m assuming bots watch under a second of video and refresh thousands of times, So in your own tools on youtube were you can see statistics of your video, there is a nice handy function of average minutes watched… and if it has 0:01 but you have 10,000+ views… I wounder how that looks?

same thing when you can track what views are coming from and you see 99% are from china yet your video is American related?

all things to consider, and having 2 youtube channels with a combined 120,000 + genuine views for the past few years… I know a thing or 2.

Reply to @hotwebideas: Sorry for the delay in answering. Adsense accounts will be closed if Google suspects you are buying clicks, or having friends click on adds a thousand times from the same computer. That is why a good seller would recommend turning the adds off. The website/video owners get paid per click so manipulation is fraud as far as Google is concerned.

Reply to @hanjietech: thanks

Please do not try to buy those thousand of youtube views, because those are fake. I personally don’t believe in those. I believe in seo and quality visitors.

You may check this gig for perfect seo tuning

Reply to @plusvn: does your subscribers view videos?

bulk Views Might Nt be safe for videos on youtube

bt more depends upon the Provider also,

that what kind of techniques or softwares he or she using to generate Views,

But this gig is 100% safe from all risks

you can order as much views as required for videos

and its fully safe, nthng to worry

because its abt real views in such cheap price

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