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Are they started with FORUM Spamming as well?

Are they started with FORUM Spamming as well ??

couple of messages on Tips for Sellers section

Yesterdays spamming cause my response rate very badly

still breathing with 45% response rate :frowning:

Unfortunately yes, the script kids have bombed the boards, takes zero skill to use and do what they’re doing, you could teach a chimp to do it, don’t worry, eventually they get bored and chase another ball, obviously someone that Fiverr banned, trying to get revenge and attention, or some noob dipping his toes in the “black hat” ( I use that term very loosely) waters, LMAO.

Sick of these SPAM…Hope Fiverr will soon find a way to get out of all these bullshits…

A captcha or recpatcha can help Fiverr to prevent from this kind of stupid spam.

My response rate fall due to yesterday’s SPAMs…it’s so irritating.

My response rate of 75%.
Is the response rate seen your buyer?

Send a text to the customer support and they can help reset it.

Yes i contacted them and Thanks a ton to the CS for the quick action…They retain my response rate back to the previous one…

Yes. It should be implemented in this forum. If any FORUM STAFFs read this then I will request them to take this suggestion into consideration.

I dunno, it’s replaced the “help I’m new” spam. Not so much the “I am new, order from me because I said so” spam.

Give it time, it’ll be fixed. Not so much the other spam.

This is driving people away, I can’t bear to be on the forum, it looks really ugly with all this spam.

Beware this is a new technique of SPAM in your inbox:

(copy & paste)

Hello,i want to you to help me to work on some pictures, editing and retouching ? is more then 1000 picture, as i dont have time to do that, i will want you to give me your asking price but before then, you will need to take a look at those military poctures on the offical gallary site, it is frre to sign with any mail you use, i will be looking forward for your response as i dont have much time to spend here.

I just reported it but my response rate dropped to 86%, Damn!

It doesn’t especially bother me. I do wonder who opens it though. It’s bloody Chinese spam.

The forum devs had a script to prevent these some time back, but they always find a way around it. They will fix it again, but until the the mods have to delete all these manually and block the user. Yesterday @annai80 and @twistedweb123 were your main spam janitors.

Tonight it’s me and I’ve removed hundreds of posts over a few hours. I think I have them bored for now since they have to make more usernames. It’s 3:30AM here now and I have to sleep. We are doing our best.

God bless our mods :slight_smile:

You could have responded first, then report it.

Yeah but that creates headaches for users as well, plus there’s bots out their that can solve captchas, unfortunately.

Off course, every lock has a key. However, recaptcha is the best and it will help to fight against spam.

Yeah it usually deters the script kids but not the 1337 nerds :stuck_out_tongue:

I responded by sending them viruses, it must have worked because they stopped, well at least from harassing me :stuck_out_tongue: