Are three packages always better than one?


Profits aside, which kind of gigs attract the most views or orders?
For example, in the case of my gig at, I suspect my way of keeping the package is not ideal and is costing me my first order.
What do you guys think? Is my package layout bad? What else can I do to improve my gig?


I prefer those over packages.

You have really cool gig. I like it.:heart:

Edit: Get rid of the 100% refund. That is a magnet for scam artist buyers.


Gosh thanks! I’m glad you like it. Also, I’ll get rid of the refund part :slight_smile:


Nice gig
make some more gigs to increase visibility currently you have only one.
use maximum number allowed to you as per your ratings on Fiverr


Wow increasing number of gigs increase visibility? That’s the first thing I should do then. Thank you :slight_smile: