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Are Upselling Sellers Dropping Gigs Common when Turned Down?

I just got my gig dropped by the seller who did so after I declined to purchase two of their upsells. A seller promoting blog writing tried to get me to add keyword research and purchasing images to illustrate the pending blog post. She refused to go forward until I responded to her upsell request. When I declined she immediately cancelled the gig - said she was sick. Well enough to email me upsell demands but too sick to take the gig when I said no to the upsells.

Is this a common issue with sellers here? First time I’ve run across it.

No, it’s not, and Fiverr’s Terms of Service don’t allow it.

If you wish, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support with proof and report her.

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OMG - I google her avatar and found her link to a variety of sex sites! I wonder what she would say to that?

She probably used a false profile photo.

Report her/him to support.

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Thanks @thecreativeguys, I thought one way or the other deceit was at play. Geez, you’d think she would have hired somebody like @theartofbren for a decent profile pic - works for me.

I created a support item. Thanks!