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Are users duplicate or hiding something?

I registered 2 weeks ago to get a simple design for 2 webpages. I started to contact cheap designers and they all answered instantly at the beginning, then we talk about price, I send the sketches and idea and then… they all disappear. It’s the third time it happened. What’s the deal, are they avoiding work they don’t like, do they steal others ideas or is it just one person hiding behind multiple accounts to get more jobs?
I noticed those three they were all from ***********. Coincidence?

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.


Maybe that is because there was an influx of new sellers mainly due to lockdown in many countries. Many had free time so they wanted to try this out. It would be better to contact someone that has been here for a while.

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Could be something with your idea/sketches. It can be overly complex for the price, confusing, difficult to implement, etc., etc. It’s actually a good thing when sellers disappear instead of pretending they understand what is required and then being unable to deliver.


Hey all, no my sketches are not complicated at all. They disappear on purpose because i see them delivering and accepting new orders.
Just asking… at the beginning i was worried there was something behind this l, now I’m just pissed because they made me waste time.

They disappear “on purpose” because something about the way you’re presenting your project makes them not want to proceed with it.

You can try sellers in different price ranges. You can also make a single message with all the information, your budget, your deadline and a custom offer request at the end of it. Then copy/paste it so you don’t waste too much time on talking it through with every single person.


There may be a problem with the system. I am a new seller, if someone assigns me a very complex job, I will first try to do it well. Otherwise I will tell the buyer clearly, I can’t do it.

It’s not a problem with the system, they keep accepting orders. It happened for the forth time today. Apparently it must be a “custom” with people from that country. I don’t get why it takes so much effort to say “I don’t want to do it anymore, bye”.
Now I’m trying changing country, maybe i’ll be able to get a design for two pages within this year.

Are you looking for code from scratch or some already made template modifications? If it is simple twig on the template you like, it should not be issue. But even coding is not an issue. If as you say it is just simple design 2 pages.

I get the feeling she/he wants something inappropriate for the price she’s/he’s seeking.

Since she/he specified the region I’m pretty sure she’s targeting them hoping they’ll be more likely to commit to an unreasonable scope/price because of the country they’re from. Now this buyer is using confirmation bias to assume that these sellers are leaving because of some supposed regional etiquette/work ethic problem.

She’s/he’s deliberately reaching out to a specific country.

He said where they are from because he thought maybe it is a same person behind them all. Not because he targeted people from that country. At least thats how he presented the case.

You’re not getting it.

When he messaged these people HE DIDN’T know they may be the same person (they aren’t).
It is only AFTER he messaged them that he came to this conclusion.

Why would he message different sellers if he thought they may be the same person? That makes no sense. He didn’t suspect that until after they responded.

This buyer reached out to THEM, not vice versa.

Yeah. Too many regional references. Don’t like the country - hire someone from another country. I don’t see a problem here. Yet, there is a problem.

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No I’m not deliberately reaching to a specific country. I sent a bunch of people the same question to get the best offer and noticed after that happened (today included) they we’re all from the same country.
No I’m not asking for coding, just the design. Apparently I found some really cool guy who will do it (seems like it) since he didn’t disappear after he saw my sketchs.
Fingers crossed.

You are right sorry my mistake

In any case, your whole point assumes that these sellers are unscrupulous and you’ve shown no interest in considering that maybe the problem is your request.

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The whole assumption actually was the sellers could probably be a team of sellers all coordinated, made to spread the revenue with more customers, is that so weird as an idea? They could decide what to do together and when they all decide to skip one project they just ignore you. I also asked the support if you can change the country manually but no, it’s based on the IP and you can’t change it. It could mean nothing but it’s could be a “proof” that they’re all actually based in the same location.
I never asked for a discount and some strange request but followed their guide. I can you all send you the sketches and let you decide by yourself if the problem is my request. Probably I’m just the crazy one :slight_smile:

In the end the country or whatever is not the issue I just wanted to know if someone ever suspended this behavior.

This could be a case where the sellers are thinking, as The King put it “A little less conversation, a little more action please”.
There is nothing more annoying than a buyer wanting to spend half a day discussing a job they want done cheaply. Time spent discussing things with you is time they could spend on the ORDERS they are receiving and delivering. Maybe consider paying for some of their time to discuss things with them if there is so much to discuss.

Respectfully, when a buyer has the same issue with multiple sellers, I think it’s time the buyer takes a look at their process as I have never had an issue like that.


If you want send me the sketches and the way you presented your job to those people you mentioned and i will tell you if you did ok (that is if its clear and understandable).