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Are videos now mandatory

trying to add a new gig but can’t get past the gallery section that insists I need a video. I have used three photos instead, have the rules about video changed

Not that I’m aware of. I have gigs with and without videos. I’m not going to create a video for a gig that has never gotten an order, I like to see if the gig is worth having a video.


Yes in some categories

You can always hire someone to make you a gig video, or you can make your own in iMovie.

Not that I’m a fan of iMovie, the old iMovie was easy to use, this one is confusing as hell.

Thanks for that, fiverr won’t accept .mov files so it adds another layer to the job.

You can easily convert .mov to .mp4 then resubmit

That depends on the category of the gig. If you have selected a gig for animation or video work / editing, then you will be required to provide a video - as with various other gigs.