Are videos really necessary for gigs?


Am I the only one here feeling awkward making videos for my gigs? I already tried YouTube for a couple of days, years ago, and I immidiately got so afraid that someone would see my videos that I deleted my google account, which then made the videos un-deletable for all eternity and I was cursed with that for a long time LOL. People are still finding those ******* videos of me, and I feel thats enough, I don’t want to embarrass myself further with something else undeletable online haha.

My question is; Do gigs always sell better with videos? If not, which are some categories of gigs that are ok without videos?


Yeah, its depends on your niche…!!! :relaxed:


Hey @oda_dellagi,
Providing a video is though not mandatory but Fiverr encourages the sellers to upload a video describing your Gig amenities, quality, pricing etc. Fiverr say, a gig with a video can increase 220% of chances of getting order fast! So, you know how a video can influence your gig!

There are many categories of services on Fiverr. What you have to do is just showcase your gigs in pursuance of your Gig services. You need your Tags to be set accurately.

Hope, you find this useful.
Happy Fiverring


it is best for your gig :slight_smile:



If you are afraid that your videos will be public then I would like to suggest you to make a video without you in the video.
An animation, whiteboard sketch, an image with you speaking (or a professional voice over).
So in short adding a video increases your chances of conversion and if you want you can make a video without you in it.
~ It is worth the time

All the best!!!


I don’t like the videos on my gig but I’ve gone down the route that fiverr tells me a video will help visibility, so I have made some and uploaded them. I don’t think it makes any difference to buyers, but the chance that it will boost me in the searches has been enough to ‘force’ me to do something.


But, … you are showing your selfies to almost 64k people.
Questionmark. :wink:


It depends on your gig. As I understand you’re offering consultation type of service. Having a short video explaining your service and showing how you interact with others would probably positively impact your sales. Besides, you’re helping introverts find their confidence yet you’re worried about your own videos. It’s like teaching public speaking but sending the training material via email. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Fiverr search differentiates gigs with and without videos, but buyers are getting cautious about sellers. There are way too many gigs with stolen portfolios, fake images, and reviews. So anything that proves you’re using your own photo and you know how to communicate with your sellers, should benefit your gig.

However, if you’re planning to make one of those slideshow or whiteboard videos then don’t bother. Most of these are poorly made and might actually lower your gig value. (At least I skip those)


Adding a video is better


Being an SEO Expert, a video always boost your SERP in Fiverr since it best describes your gig and psychologically forces buyer to know more about your gig.Hope this helps.


Personally I don’t think it will improve your gig, as you may visit TRS in different categories with 5K+, 10K+ sales and like 28, 104 orders in queue didn’t have any video on their gigs.


But what TRSes have which new sellers don’t have is repeat customers. The only way to get repeat clients is for them to buy from you in the first place, and having a video will help make that all important first sale.


I use a video for one of my gigs and I think it helped in the beginning to boost sales. Many of my orders today are either from repeat customers or referrals so I don’t think having a video is as important now but I think it made a difference when I was starting out. And I found it very painful to make one too! :slight_smile:


I am new here but all of my gigs have videos and my physical presence is not in any of them.



Fake shyness…
That won’t fly too long!


Well, I wasn’t implying that.
You can totally publish photographs of yourself AND be uncomfortable with performing a (n even hopefully decent) script into a camera, no? This is certainly true for myself. My comment was meant as an encouragement to not give a crap. Especially because see comment by @uxreview


Then I shall delete your quote from my post, and take full responsibility for my message :relieved:

Update: done!


I can’t imagine myself selling voice overs without an upfront demo reel :joy:


Yes, definitely it help you to boost your services by describing them through videos. It helps to boost your gig in searches. So I think we should go for this option. :slight_smile:
Nothing is bad


Are the youtube videos funny? Your new gig should sell a link to those youtube videos for $5.

Also from personal experience buying (just twice) I like to see a video that shows what the seller is capable of. On certain type of Gis it is irrelevant to have a video. So it is up to you to decide if a video will generate sales or not.

Good luck :slight_smile: