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Are VPN allowed in Fiverr

Hi there,
Hope you’re doing great.

I am a newbie on fiverr market place. I have no idea about what I am doing or some hidden truth.
I know it can be known from you guys.
are VPN really allowed to use in this marketplace ?
I am seriously confused about it. I need a better solution from you. You can seriously help me.

Need a right reply from community admins. :smiley:

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Why do you want to use a vpn?

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From a buyer I was recommended to use VPN but I didn’t. For that, She didn’t hire me. :cry:

No don’t use any 3rd party app or software. Use your own location and your skill.


Why do you want to use vpn? As far as i know Vpn is not allow Fiverr.

I know that also. Buyer didn’t hire me cause I ain’t using vpn :cry:

A buyer requested you to use a vpn so that they can hire you??? I wonder what kind of service you were offering for someone… Long story short DON’T use a vpn