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Are VPN's allowed to be used when we travel?

I was thinking of a trip and thought of using a VPN for security reasons when I’m staying in hotels. Are they allowed? I will still be in the same country as always although the VPN might make it look like I went to another country.

I am not sure how this works but was reading that it adds security when someone is traveling to use one. I do my banking and everything on the internet.


If you live in the US, then you would select a US VPN, and it would appear like you are in the US. I would be careful, as a lot of VPNs use only a few servers for a lot of connections, so they could be monitoring for those servers (IP addresses).

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@xander52 So I would have the same IP address as the server they use?

And fiverr would think I was doing something wrong? How does one travel and protect their security?

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Yeah. I don’t know personally if Fiverr blacklists vpn servers. Basically, you connect to the server through an encrypted connection, and then your device sends its data through that connection, until it gets to the end server, where it is decrypted, and then that data looks like it is coming from that server. Generally if a website is https (at the top of the window) then it should be fine to use even on open wifi with very little security risk. And if the wifi requires a password, this makes it even more secure. It is possible to set up a VPN server on your own network so it would just look to any website like you were on your home computer, but it requires a bit of technical knowledge, or someone to remote into your home PC and do it for you. B

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Personally, I would steer clear of a VPN unless like @ Xander52 was saying, you set up your own. I only say this as with torrenting and bad Internet activity such as (insert online evilness of choice here), the main people who use VPN’s are those with something to hide.

i.e. In our case, the first thing I would do if I was a scammer on Fiverr, is set up a VPN to either hide my identity and/or open several accounts at once. Because of this, a lot of websites either ban or monitor VPN traffic, especially if there is any kind of commercial activity being conducted by VPN users.

In short. A VPN is brilliant for hiding your ID if you are downloading movies illegally, however, I personally wouldn’t use one to log into my bank or Fiverr. A VPN after all, is owned and managed by someone who probably can see all the traffic going by.

That said, I MIGHT have a much simpler solution for you. After the (apparent) banning of someone last year after logging into Fiverr from a different location, I’ve decided that should I need to go on vacation, I will probably leave my backup laptop on at home and use a remote desktop hook up to connect to that computer and effectively administer my Fiverr and other accounts from my usual location.

Might be something you want to think about?


That sounds like the answer. Can you recommend some software for that?

Still, is it possible to then have someone hack your home computer from the hotel connection?

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Yes, in fact, I just answered this on your other thread. In this case, I’d only connect with a cell phone or mobile dongle. As for the remote desktop, Team Viewer is free and safe (as far as I know). However, I personally would use the inbuilt remote desktop software of two linux machines as I use linux anyway.

Linux is not totally secure from hacking. However, because the user base is so small, most people don’t bother trying to hack it.

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If I use a personal mobile hotspot is that safe?

Of course I guess my ip would be… what?

If you used a mobile hotspot, you would just have to make sure that it was secure as per you setting it up. Personally, I would not use this, I’d use a wired dongle or tethered phone connection as this way, no one can see that there is a network connection to hack.

As for your IP, if you used a remote desktop connection to access your home computer and log into Fiverr that way, your IP would be the same as what it usually is (if you left the computer you usually work on running at home and accessed it from another device).

I must stress, though, that this is only what I would theoretically do and if I was going to do it in practice, I would research the security of remote desktop hook ups and things like Team Viewer in a little more detail.

So the thing about remote desktop, is that it is not any more secure than just using the hotel connection itself, and the encryption is not very consistent, and all your keystrokes are still going thru it. Depending on what you use, there are a few methods of exploit (that I know of), First, if you use something that requires opening a port on your router, then it is accessible from anyone that knows your password (or brute forces it), so you have to use a secure password, second, if the device you are using to remote into your computer gets hacked, then they can just get into your computer through that. Third, if you are using something like team viewer, people have hacked it before to get access to most of the computers running it, (they updated it so AFAIK it is secure now), but the good thing is that they let you “trust” certain devices so they can connect (still requires password), but if a device that is not “trusted” is used, then it will make you click OK on the computer running the software to accept the connection (unless the software gets hacked). That is how I remember it working last time I read up, but they may have changed it in the past year or two.

This sounds complicated. I will just go ahead and take the chance in the hotel with their connection. I hope no one else at the hotels I stay in use fiverr.

This is what I do when am using open or free internet, if you are using a laptop, connect your phone to the free internet then tether it to your laptop, if you don’t want to go that way, you could try something like tunnel bear or betternet.

I’ve used my laptop and smartphone to login and check my 5r account at home, work and various hotels all across the United States, from east to west and north to south + at airports, restaurants and last but not least in my very long, four line sentence at Starbucks!

I haven’t had any issues. I dunno, maybe because I do not sell anything - they don’t scrutinize my account as much?

MissC, take a break from Fiverr during your trip, you have earned it. Just have fun, don’t worry about work and come back 100% refreshed!


Says Mr Workaholic 2015,16 & 17!


i did not understand anything about what i am looking for…
Some people use proxy or VPN to change locations
i want to know fiverr allow us to use proxy or VPN or not?

Alternatively, you can use the Mobile Internet to access Fiverr.

as far as I know it all depends on the country, some countries forbid using VPN (as China)

Hi, I can understand what is it while you’re traveling and you have to be safe and secure. You go out to bars, clubs, cafes, library and many other places and you most of the time connect to a Public WiFi, which is sometimes not good. You have to protect your Online Privacy. Countries like Russia, Japan Iran or the Middle East don’t allow you to use a VPN. Because it is strictly prohibited to use a VPN service. Other than these countries, you can use a VPN.

But One thing I’ll tell you is to make sure that a VPN you buy, must be the best in ratings, trusted, reliable and must carry some clean policies. Your VPN must give you a good security, good encryption and keeps your personal data safe, and best in masking your IP and changing your location, so that you can’t be traced or reached.

yes you can use vpn during travel and it very helpfull while using during travelling because virus and hackers are everywhere and you should want that someone hacks your important data on your personal device. so try to use most reliable vpn which actually give you security like i used FastestVPN most of the time when i going on travelling.