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Are vpn's allowed?

Hi all,
I use a vpn on my computer for everything. When I go online I always make sure it’s on, no matter what website I use. Recently I have read a few threads which are saying having duplicate accounts are not allowed, which I understand, but what is worrying me is that the way that Fiverr detects this is through Ip addresses. Since I am using a vpn proxy I am sure people have accessed Fiverr through the same IP addresses I have used. Is there any risk in using a vpn?

Thank you for any advice,


Nope, VPN are not allowed.

We all are family of the fiverr. We can’t use any cheat, bugs or anything that can be harmful for us.
Using VPN is like using hacks on any online games (i.e: PUBG mobile, COD mobile)

So don’t do this for safety of your own & our family. (we called fiverr as family)

Dhaka Bangladesh


I’m sure VPNs are allowed. It’s a very safe practice to use one especially if you are in contact with random people (Fake buyers) regularly that might provide you malicious links. It’s the same if you traveled to other countries and didn’t put your gigs on vacation mode. You’d still have a different location but are not forced to stop selling for the duration of the vacation.

It’s just that you can’t claim to be from a country you aren’t from, so as long as your chosen country that shows up on Fiverr is the real one, there shouldn’t be any issues. But should still always confirm with customer support first if ever unsure about something.


Never use vpn, It will be hampered your id.