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Are we allowed to give bonuses in order to encourage leaving feedback?


I’ve seen many users offering some sort of bonus items if a buyer leaves a feedback. I saw no mention of this being prohibited when I browsed the terms of use. Seems like a good idea, as over half of the buyers forget to leave a feedback.


good idea. I remember my gig which had 70 thumbs up but 129 sales (which now denied by fiverr’s mod.)


You are always able to OD (over deliver) but that doesn’t guarantee someone will leave feedback but it is better than the opposite (doing just the basics to get a gig done)


I don’t like the idea of bribing someone to leave feedback…


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I meant someone offers a super secret e-book for free if they leave a feedback. Overdelivery is completely different.


I usually message the individual to see’ how they are getting on’ and whether they require further assistance and to review when convenient as this helps others to benefit from the service I offer’. This usually works but then I appreciate this may not be the case with all Gig offerings. Communication however I believe is Key as I too do not like the idea of ‘bribing’ someone to leave feedback.

ceceliavo said: I don't like the idea of bribing someone to leave feedback..

It is feedback and not a testimonial. So it is not unlawful to buy it and not say so. Further, it is no guarantee. As someone can change feedback. This is a transactional business and a transactional relationship.

To offer an incentive or a thank you for a job well done strikes me as sound business.

My only hesitation would be the receipt of "lame" feedbacks like. "Great gig."