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Are we allowed to post the same gig multiple times on My Fiverr Gigs?

Hello there,

I have reported the same gigs posted on My Fiverr Gigs multiple times a week, but nothing happens to those posts.

Today, I commented on two of such topics advertising the same service everyday there. Surprise! Both my comments were flagged instead. If it is allowed to post the same old gig there everyday, I too would like to post mine there every day.

I don’t think anyone really checks on that or cares what goes on there too much as far as what you are talking about.

I suspect she who shall not be named might feel the same way.


Plus if many people are like me, I just pass those posts by . . .

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I didn’t know anyone actually read that section. You might be the only one.

Perhaps some very shrewd buyers always looking for someone to do it cheaper. If not then, why do these sellers come and post their links here every day.

Because they aren’t too cool? We used to have people who spammed the forum with hundreds of links no one ever looked at all the time. Some people just do that even if no one ever clicks on those links.

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My gosh! These guys are so powerful, they got my post including their links flagged again within a few minutes. They seem to have a few stooges set here on forum as well. I am scared.

But you posted their links lol… It’s not ok here to do that. I guess it is ok there in that section.

There is nothing wrong with sellers advertising their gigs under MFG. Spamming would be the same posts multiple times a day/week. Often they post ads for different gigs. So you might see the same seller advertising their writing gig, VO gig, photoshop gig etc. That’s what the section is for.

Your posts were flagged because they were completely off topic or inappropriate.
Hope that helps.


If I have 7 gigs, can I post each there once a week?

No, this would be considered spam. However, the ones you were concerned about weren’t posting daily :wink: .

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Okay, I got you. Please feel free to close the thread.

Thanks for answering!

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