Are we allowed to refuse cancellations on orders placed by mistake?


We were just wondering if this was possible, to refuse to cancel under any circumstances, due to how cancellations are counted against sellers. Has anyone done this yet? It seems like a logical thing to do at this time under these policies.

This would force buyers to take full responsibility for their actions, rather than sellers taking the full hit for buyer mistakes.

Particularly now that so many sellers have raised their prices, it seems like it would be almost impossible for an order to be placed by mistake. The order process is not one that is easy to do accidentally. For example, how would someone buy a $100 gig by mistake?


Quite easily it seems - I had 2 from one buyer for $130. It seems (low) pricing isn’t the issue it would appear to be. My max price for that particular gig was only $20.


Or they would go to CS, explain that they placed the order by mistake but you refused their cancellation request, and ask CS to cancel it.

You’d still get a cancelled order and, depending on how the buyer words the whole thing when complaining to CS, you might get a warning, too.


A warning for refusing to cancel when someone orders by mistake? That does beat all. A rock and a hard place— let me find a meme or something for that.


What reason did the buyer give for mistakenly placing two large orders by mistake?

I would give credit towards additional services only.


Th first $80 was a (vast) over-calculation of what was needed, the second $50 was an ‘oops I ordered by mistake’.

I couldn’t offer anything else relevant which would make it up to the wrongly paid amount.


I see. This is amazing that sellers are demoted for this. I’m in shock.


The order by mistake claim is a mystery.

It makes me wonder if these orders are being placed by :ghost:.

Paranormal activity!

I think we all know it’s a crock of :poop:!


You probably hit the nail on the head in a sense. Things like this are the work of :smiling_imp: :imp: :imp:


Sure :frowning: Thats what lots of sellers even me complain about after new system.

This is out of topic but after new system, buyers always have right to cancel the order. Even they do not like the work. They get work than they contact to cs and say they did not like the work. As cs cancel your order.

Before this system cs always says just rate ırder if you do bıt like. They never canceled work if the reason was not like.


Yes, I’ve just done this. In my most recent case, the buyer was another Fiverr seller and my gig has a disclaimer stating that I do not cancel orders etc.

When the buyer is not a Fiverr seller (or is depending on the situation) I offer the buyer a compromise. i.e. I can do X for what you have paid etc. This is due to the fact that the majority of ‘mistake orders’ seem to be from people who have just realized that they can get a service cheaper from another seller.

IN EVERY CASE I also decline cancelation requests with a note informing buyers that they will need to contact CS to cancel their order. In this case, buyers always know that they can cancel orders no matter what. The funny thing is, only one buyer this year has actually done this.

I am becoming increasingly upset about ‘mistake orders’ due to mounting evidence (though all circumstantial) that many are direct acts of sabotage. Such evidence includes:

  • Strings of orders which get placed the same time every week (to the hour almost) by different new to Fiverr buyers who disappear never to be seen again
  • Far too many ‘mistake’ orders now from other Fiverr sellers selling similar gigs to mine
  • Buyers placing orders like this from new accounts but addressing me by name and conversing like we are familiar with each other
  • The fact that all of the above events take place when I have gigs which rise to the best selling in their specific categories


Exactly right Andy. These are sabotage. There are sellers out there, and even buyers sometimes, who are not wound too tightly.

This is what I suspect at any rate, although I’m just speculating.

I do like the fact you are not agreeing to cancel, and directing them to customer support. :+1:


It does make you wonder.

Sometimes I feel like going to Walmart (my equivalent obviously) filling my cart, asking lots of questions from attendants, paying at the counter, walking back out to the car, and then returning to say:

"I’ve just realized that this was all a horrible mistake. Can I have my money back?"

Of course, I could never be that rude really…


But if you were mad at the world and demented and wanted to feel some real power over others, and knew that the one whom you paid would be demoted when you returned everything, you would have a wonderfully gratifying experience.

I used to know a woman who absolutely relished doing things like this and did it frequently. She especially loved it when the people who were the boss would send her an apologetic letter letting her know the offending clerk was fired. It was her hobby.

One large store even sent her a potted plant as an apology. That was glorious for her.


This is why I’m pretty much agoraphobic. I need to be two steps away from nature and have a sea between me and the rest of the world like a king needs a castle and a moat to keep the riff-raff at bay.

People like this just upset me.


We are alike in this way. I’m not agoraphobic, I’m pretty strong, but yes I know exactly how you feel. I’m the same. Nature and particularly large bodies of water are my refuge. To be on an island surrounded by blue sea gives me peace of mind.


Last month someone placed a 355$ order by mistake, like he literally checked all my Gig’s extras and then simply wrote “ordered by mistake, cancel” as simple as that. Don’t wanna turn this into a conspiracy theory, but I suspect some people, and maybe sellers are trying to rank down other sellers.


sure you can refuse to cancel… but even if you deliver you’ll get a bad review almost guaranteed… fair or not that’s how the system works :slight_smile: or even worse… the buyer will contact customer support and you might even get a warning … it happened in the past , you can’t argue with anyone on this site even if you are right … it’s how it goes :slight_smile: easy…


Yeah but now that sea that protects you has a fiber optic cable running under it that allows morons to reach you at gigabit speeds.


Any that reach me are going to find themselves on the losing end of the battle.