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Are we allowed to use celebrities in our gig photos?

I’m curious if this permissible because if not, I have a lot of gigs to report, and will do so if someone of experience can give me a direct answer…

Fiverr may not know the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, or Drake, or Madonna…lol


DTong (TRS)

yukihyou said: Makes you wonder if some woman simply shared her photo online and had it stolen by shady marketers
No "shady marketer" has to steal anything. Not reading site Terms is not a 'Fiverr Exclusive'. ;)

Most of the social media and service-providing sites have (and always have had) clauses that state they can use whatever is hosted on their servers for as long as it's hosted on their servers - and some in perpetuity.

Yahoo or AOL (remember them?) probably sold off that woman's vacation pic back in '01. :)

It’s just plain funny when people blatantly use professionally shot celebrity photos, but I’ve also seen sneakier sellers who use “candid” ones where you might just think the person in the image looks strikingly similar to a famous person. Fiverr probably should take the images down, but I don’t think they actually do anything about it.

I haven’t seen a seller using a blatant celeb photo with a lot of ratings, though. Anyone else?

Regardless of Fiverr’s lackadaisical take on copyright infringement, I think it’s still in the Fiverr ToS that seller’s images have to be of them personally or directly relate to the gig being offered.

And before someone else says it: “Buyers aren’t likely to trust a seller who uses a celebrity photo. They probably won’t order from them. Let the market decide!” :smiley:

It depends, there are actually many stock photo sites that include celebrity photos. If someone buys that stock image, it’s just like any other to use in their designs.

Here are some examples of photos anyone can actually purchase…

There are many sites out there…if a designer has a subscription, they have everything at their fingertips.{“text”:[“robert%20deniro”],“pageNumber”:1,“perPage”:100,“abstractType”:[“photos”],“date”:“allTimes”,“order”:“bestMatch”,“formatted”:true}{“text”:[“al%20pacino”],“pageNumber”:1,“perPage”:100,“abstractType”:[“photos”],“date”:“allTimes”,“order”:“bestMatch”,“formatted”:true}

Stills from movies may be another story…

Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors | Bigstock

hmm, perhaps if the seller is a paparazzi, selling pics they’ve taken or offering a paparazzi gig :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the only relevant situation to use pics of celebrities and get away with it I can think of now…

I’ve decided to let it go. Fiverr can’t even answer my support ticket from a month ago, let alone try to get a reply or action taken on this. It only makes their site look more fake so it’s up to them to go through the gigs and handle accordingly. That’s one thing they need for sure, a position in which the employee/individual goes through EVERY GIG to make sure they are abiding by the rules because there are THOUSANDS of them out there and some of them will never be looked at by editors.

There are some top selling gigs who break this rule, but to be honest, I could ruin thousands of people’s day on Fiverr if I were the one enforcing them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input everyone! Excellent to know.


dtongsports said: but to be honest, I could ruin thousands of people's day on Fiverr if I were the one enforcing them.

That's probably why Fiverr won't actually hire forum users to monitor anything. The ones with the most experience will be the hardest taskmasters. :)

Even funnier things are celebrities as profile picture. Unless Obama and Gollum uses Fiverr as well! :smiley:

Celebrity photos, model photos, beautiful women with their boobs out photos, selfies that don’t belong to them. I think the last one is the worst. I have no idea if there’s some service that sells casual-looking photos of attractive women, or they just trawl people’s FB and Twitter profiles looking for photos to steal. Running these photos through Google images shows them being used on dozens, if not hundreds, of different profiles. Makes you wonder if some woman simply shared her photo online and had it stolen by shady marketers and spambots.

Gig images are terrible. Almost every gig image in the categories I frequent is taken straight off a Google image search, sometimes with text slapped on top. I, too, have itched to report fake photos and stolen gig images (and even stolen bios!*) but figured it wouldn’t do any good. It would either be ignored, or I would ruin someone’s day. Nothing to do about it.

  • Had an offer from a woman (doubtful) who claimed to be in NYC. Googling her bio revealed it was being used word-for-word on dozens of freelancer profiles over the web, mostly by men in various countries of Asia. Her photo was a “hot girl” wallpaper. Lost her the job pretty fast.