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Are we asking too much for five dollars?


After looking for valid content writers and in my view pissing away about $50.00 on fiverr during my search, i’m looking elsewhere. I’ve hired more than 7 individuals with content writing gigs to manually rewrite a few, less than 100 word articles, but what I’ve been given in return is crappy and obvious computer ( etc) generated text. I realize “You get what you pay for” is the motto of fiverr, but is five dollars just too little to get any amount of English of content written?


There are good and bad writers. I am a good one, so we are out there! Pay close attention to reviews and repeat buyers. Every single client I have had has come back for more!


It just depends on the individuals you are purchasing from. Did all of them have a substantial amount of reviews? What were their ratings? Did you read their descriptions to make sure what they offered matched your needs?

A lot of what you get on Fiverr is, unfortunately, non-native or poor English speakers attempting to make money using spin-software. They offer crazy good deals to suck buyers like yourself in and churn out crap content in return. There are talented writers here, you just have to do your homework and wade through some less than stellar sellers to find your jewel. If you don’t want to do that, than Fiverr might not be a good fit for you. After all, most “professional” writers offer their services for around $1 per word and their work is solid.

People selling content at $5 for 1,000 or more words are either:

a) using software

b) lack an understanding of the language and reduce complaints/negative feedback by selling their writing for practically free

c) have no idea how much the market value is on their services (aka: aren’t all that professional).

Remember, you can always request a refund to get your money back, so at least Fiverr offers that.

Just my 15 cents, lol!


well, to a certain degree, yes we are asking too much for $5. I mean think about it, how many people that are really good editors are going to do jobs for only $4. The top sellers on Fiverr, while they have to offer something for $5 technically, all do gigs with higher quotes and extras to make ti worth their while.

Many people who live in other countries where $4 goes a long way are going to possibly think more about it, but then you aren’t going to get true native speakers.

I think when Fiverr started it was more about fun and unique things you could buy for $5. But then somehow it because this business freelance site, except the ones who are actually profiting on it are doing higher end jobs, not just $5.

the other issue is how much work are you, the buyer going to do for $5. Meaning, do yo contact each writer individually first, send them a message with a few questions, whatever they are, and just to get a reply back and see how they write? YOu can tell a lot about someone’s English by their email back to you. Keep in mind many non-natives hire copywriters to polish their gig descriptions.


Fiverr is basically the same as the real world. You are going to find quality services and terrible services. I have worked with plenty of people from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada and my ratings prove that I’m quite capable of producing quality content in English. In some cases people get way more than what they pay for and that is the reason why some of us have been able to succeed in this platform.

To answer your question, you can either get more than what you pay for, or less than what you pay for. It depends on the seller you happen to buy from. This is the way things are in Fiverr and the way things are everywhere else.

It’s also incorrect to think that native speakers of any language are automatically qualified to produce high quality content. In my case, I was basically raised to speak both English and Spanish from an early age, but the point is that there are plenty of native speakers who have atrocious grammar and punctuation.


Your question has a certain emergent dichotomy: Whereas, it is inherently true, that yes, by your very nature of expecting a person to work for $4 per hour, you are asking too much to begin with. You are ignoring the very essence of human existence, the free market economy, and basic civil rights. That being said, some of that conscious or subconscious ignorance of the human plight may be bleeding over into your attitude toward the care with which you select these preconceived troglodytes. If you are not looking for quality, then you will not find it; unless you are extremely lucky. Fiverr, therefore in its infinite wisdom, has reduced the luck factor, and given you a search tool by category keyword. Magically, it is accompanied by a tool bar which allows you to toggle between recommended, highly rated, and new sellers. Furthermore, the number of times that these sellers have been reviewed positively, their overall standing on Fiverr, and their customers’ feedback are all prominently displayed along with an accurate description of what they offer. It is a veritable shopper’s paradise, if only that shopper has a pulse, a brain, and a perception of human beings as being worth what you pay them by the hour for. Myself, I can write a completely original 500-word article on virtually anything, with perfect grammar and spelling, within half an hour; which puts me in the elite world of working for $8 per hour. Whoopee. Come get some of my college degree. You complete me, disappointed Fiverr buyer. You had me at bellow.

nerdyone said: After looking for valid content writers and in my view pissing away about $50.00 on fiverr during my search, i'm looking elsewhere.
If you're looking elsewhere, why bother to ask your question here? :)


I’m curious to know how many words these people offered at $5 and what their ratings were, because it seems like you’d be truly unlucky to come across seven reputable sellers in a row who sent you material spun through software.