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Are we getting more of weird clients on Fiverr these days

It has been many years but sometimes I really feel bad when some buyers start behaving like cheaters.

Some buyers are like, format a book cover, I say please send the order and when I see the order, their demand is not the formatting but the design, and when I ask for more money, they ask to cancel – what to do – cancel means penalty - work on it means lower down the standard costs – stuck from every where so better to work!

Second case.
I am still dealing with a client who is really hard to handle. he asked me to format a book using a word template. I told him spacing etc are not good, he said do not do anything just make initial few pages look good and make it ready for the printer. Do not change fonts, do not change spacing, font size, etc I did the same and then he asked for a refund saying it is not a good job. OMG! what to do with such clients??

Another client, after 100% of work is completed and delivered. His reply was That’s awesome, I liked your work but need some changes. Then a big list of changes, additional work, etc. All Done except a few for which he was informed BUT again a big list of extra work to do this and that, and when I requested time, he requested a refund LOL but he was kind enough to ask for a 50% refund HAHA!

really these days, spend money to get work, and then such clients, OMG really going through trauma due to such super weird clients - sorry for my bad words but instead of asking for corrections or rating the issues, they collect the source files and ask to cancel.


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Welcome to the COVID-19 Version of the Gig Economy.

You have had more than your fair share of strange Buyers…but to be fair, there are as many (if not more) strange Sellers who have swamped Fiverr since COVID became part of our lives.


Yes. I just had a longterm buyer try to scam me out of a photoshop source file for no payment. Joke’s on them. I flattened the image first. They can’t do anything with that other than what they could do with a jpg. Lol!


All I can say is make a robust Gig with FAQ and a strong Requirements Form and the moment you see Red Flags, pull up the drawbridge and flood the moat.

Put up prices too as cheap gigs attract cheap people.

It should not be this way but it is.



I’d say we’ve been getting more weird/troll/disturbed people in the forum recently.


Indeed we have. You missed a real doozie yesterday. A 4-letter word aimed at one of the ladies, continued threats to get me, and he even invaded gig space for at least three of us.

The sad thing was not so much his (sorely needing to be medicated) behavior but that Mods (who were active here in that time) let it go on for over two hours, let him create a new profile and start again, and Fiverr themselves still have his profiles active indicating that there is no real protection here at all. He hit my Gig after I had reported him to Fiverr directly and asked for him to be blocked because I knew he would come at people personally through their Gigs.

I also asked several times in the Forum and Fiverr for a formal response on how this was allowed to happen and happen for so long 2+ hours after reports of fear for out safety and 4-letter words. Nothing.

We coulda used them guns o yours fer sure.



I did miss the start of that thread, but not the ending, or the other thread from the same person in a slightly different account. I made a conscience decision to not engage.

There are people who love to disrupt things, stir some chaos, or are just trolls. I’m not a mind reader and cannot tell if someone is a genuine diehard proponent of free speech or just a “4 the lulz” troll, but I do know that people who perform such actions generally love attention. If they are deprived of attention in one venue, they normally move to greener fields.


Fair enough. The problem was that he was not staying out of our private lives, was making threats and needed to be shut down hard and fast. That no one on the official team meant to support us was not fighting, we were left to protect ourselves alone. I tried not to engage him directly after a while but needed people - Mods in particular and those who he was going after - to see what he was about in hope he could be shut down.

It wasn’t fun for any of us. Knowing were/are not supported in that made it worse. I jump to defend other sellers when they are getting the raw end of a troll.



Obviously, I don’t condone a combative, vulgar, hostile forum environment, especially when it spills into bogus, hostile communication and offers on the main site.

The best approach to certain situations are to never approach them in the first place, but I realize that is not always a luxury every circumstance offers.

Speaking of which, wasn’t that particular person only suspended for like 1 or 2 days? An encore performance may be imminent.

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Indeed, that is part of my point that if Fiverr (and their Mods) can’t keep us safe, we only have each other. These are not “popcorn” moments as some fool tried to do but actually very frightening.

I did stay silent when he called me a moron. When he started making it clear that he was actually gunning for people, I moved only to try to corral him.

If other people had joined, even if only to Flag his posts, his ability to talk would have been gone fast. We only need 3 flags per post I think and no one knows who flagged so no need to even be seen in the thread.


I was grossly mistaken in regards to one account, but correct in regards to the other.

One account is suspended for a year, while the other is only suspended for another day, and seemingly nothing stops him from creating more alt accounts.

-Apologies to the OP, I think I’ve derailed this thread enough.

Thanks for these. Let me take a look at these.

Ohhh I see but there must be a way to deal with such buyers. I recently got one on my user manual gig. the person first loved the job and then asked for changes and when 98% accuracy delivered, asked for a refund saying the work is not good. I completely denied and shown them where I had worked and what they had supplied and what they asked me to do. I had done beyond your requirements.

My friend,

My prices are no cheap BUT you know scammers I usually got are not those who place orders for $5 to $20 or $50 but those who place orders for $200 to $500 - maybe they feel that they paid me a lot more of their budget and then they try to scam me. Recently, one client loved the work but my fault was that I got delayed in delivery (though discussed), he asked for 50% refund (he has already requested changes 2 times and came again with more changes and I did not say NO but a yes), but still he said that he has less time to will do the rest. LOL, 95% of the work was perfect and only 2-3 more but small sections of no more than 300-500 words were left and I lost $200 :frowning:

There was a period of time where I’d get messages from people with literally no manners (and not because of their English skills.) I feel like many people would just be like ‘meh, as long as I get paid’ but I’m an ex-kindergarten teacher so I’d be petty (aka, overly polite…) This seemed to die down luckily, but I still get the odd creep asking me to write something very… graphic.

Oh believe me I do understand and I am on the verge of telling Fiverr to take their false opportunity and put it somewhere uncomfortable as Fair & Fiverr really don’t seem to share even one letter of the alphabet.

What to do though other than leave or do as I suggested before and rely on the drawbridge method above seeing so many interactions seem to indicate that the TOS is more toilet paper than white paper?

If Fiverr wrote some case study articles that explain how events like those you describe were handled and had to turn out the way they have due to TOS and user-error that would help us navigate. However, no such advice so we can only assume as per above as the “buyers” behave worse and worse, new sellers behave worse and worse, and any promised opportunity dwindles.