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Are we helpless to buyer?

I’m in a lot of trouble. One of my client is bringing a new design sample every time, and is asking me to do it I have already done all the works, it was very good work and good quality, but he does not even see my work and giving 4 star rating. Afterwards I asked him to consider to change the rating. And now he ask me to do these extra work or he will complain against me about review changing. I’ve already done more than 34 hours for him, even after all things have been done, he is asking to work again. Are we helpless to buyers?

Only if you let yourself be! :slight_smile:

You’re quite entitled to ask for a buyer to reconsider their rating, and it shouldn’t be used by them to blackmail you into further work.

Pass it onto CS, and stick with the 4 star review! :slight_smile:


You’re a level 2 seller with 124 reviews.

You are doing great. A 4 star review will not turn away good buyers. Almost every platform considers 4 star review to be exceptional.

Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be hesitant. :slight_smile:

Do as Offline said above. Good luck.


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