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Are we just shooting ourselves in the foot?

I’ve started seeing a lot of requests of people looking Multiple reviews (10, 20 up 40) for one $5 gig. What is even worse is there are people jumping up to provide this. If basic math serves me right $4 divided by 10 makes each review netting you 40 cents. There is no way these can be quality reviews and are not going to help the sellers. But the shear fact that so many people are willing to under cut others just to get a sale on fiverr is killing the rest of us. Since this started I have noticed my orders going down. I’m not willing to give away my time and profit just cause buyers want something for nothing. I just wish more people could see the forest through the trees.

I have been seeing this a lot too and I think it is insane. Sooner or later the buyers here will learn to go with quality over quantity. Many complain about the $5 quality work anyways so how can they possibly expect someone charging lower than that to provide high quality work?

You shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing anyway…fake reviews and fake letters of recommendations. Im happy that you are getting under cut as these are completely unethical. Do something worthwhile and productive!!

by the way…are you Stephen B Fraser the author?

Reply to @blackout7: Yes I am Stephen B Fraser the author. Just for the record and i speak for myself only. All my reviews are honest reviews I refuse to do fake reviews.

Wow blackout7 what a way to make yourself out to be a dork.

+1 traderman