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Are we obligated to do more?

In the buyer request, one buyer had a request with attached images in a zip folder which had 3 images. So I sent offer along the line “There are 3 images and I am willing to do 3 images for $__ and etc”. I also put 3 in the figures option with my offer.

After several days I have got the notification that the buyer has accepted my offer. They put a random picture in the requirement sections and wrote details as such, “The random picture is to get the order going and there should be more than 3 images in the zip folder, could you please download them, I will upload more images later.” I sent them messages several times but they are not online for more than a day now. The order delivery time is 3 days, and 1 day 10 hours have already passed. (I also worked on the images that I have got.)

Am I obligated to do more than 3 images which have been clearly stated with the offer? Either way, if I cancel the order it will affect me. I wish, Fiverr had a pause button/confirmation button so the seller can confirm if they had all requirements before proceeding.

If the offer was for 3 images and the buyer accepted the offer, then no, you’re not obligated to do more than 3 images. Though if the buyer put more than 3 images in the requirements even though they accepted the 3 images offer, you could either ask to cancel or ask for an additional payment for the additional images or if you decide to, to do the additional images without payment but you’re not obligated to do the latter. But if >3 is in the requirements, delivering just 3 might get you in trouble (eg. if it was flagged as partial delivery) even though that was what the buyer accepted in the offer, so it would be best/safest to use one of the other options (cancelling/more payment/doing the number in requirements with no extra).


The thing is buyer didn’t mention how many images they need to be done in the buyer request and I found 3 images in the attached zip file so I put number 3 while sending offer and price was based on that 3 images. Also while submitting requirements buyer put only 1 random image (which have nothing to do with the order itself) to get the order started and asked me to download the images from the request section.

If buyer is online we could have discussed it but they are not online, they just accepted the order and left. Didn’t come online for 1 day 10 hours (still counting).

The buyer shouldn’t really have accepted the offer for 3 if they then put >that in the order requirements or ask for more than that in the order. All you can do is one of the suggestions above. It might depend on where he asks for the extra images. If it was in the order conversation not the requirements section you might be able to say you can only do what was in the requirements/offer (but still you don’t want to risk partial delivery so it might be worth checking with CS what you can do).


Attached 1 image and wrote “There should be more than 3 images” in details section of the requirements.

I will contact with CS I guess. Thanks for the suggestions.

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