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Are we tired?


So I saw this post on another site and this was the first statement (I am sure many of you have seen this including the OP on the site) “The Fiverr Forum is mostly the same old tired people who are always trying to promote themselves” Personally I don’t find any of us to be tired and last time I checked promotion and marketing was the key to a successful business including the gigs on Fiverr. So as I have always said and I hope that everyone who reads this post including the OP (from the othert site) will know that we are not here to tear each other down but to support each other


Reply to madmoo: Exactly although it is early Sunday morning where I am and I am a bit tired, think I will go back to bed now


Together Everyone Achieves More: TEAM. No one ever accomplished anything entirely on their own - so the support is everything. Tired and overly promotional? Everywhere you go you’ll see something negative about one thing or another - probably an envious so-and-so that has their underwear in a twist on a bad hair day.


Sour grapes. This Forum has been very positive and like doodler mentioned, pretty much a community of folks just trying to gain insights into gaining momentum in their enterprises. I for one, do not promote a darn thing - just like the “mental break” in chatting as I work 12-16 hours a day!!


Reply to lparziale: I agree this is where I come while I am working, it is a mental break


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Haha, I come here to procrastinate!

On the topic though, I wouldn’t say I’m old but definitely tired…having a four month old that hasn’t quite learnt how to sleep through the night yet doesn’t help.


how about I am Not Tired. IMHO More traffic more order I guess. ~O)


I’m not old (30), Not tired, don’t promote my own gigs? I kinda like you lot in a warm fuzzy way . :(|)


That’s not true. There are always new faces here everyday that contribute something unique. And what’s wrong with self-promotion? Isn’t that the reason for creating one of the forum categories? Geez.


I am confused about what the same people promoting themselves means their tired. LOL

I will say this for a long time, but this forum has turned a disconnected marketplace into a well-connected community and without it, yes, we’d be really tired.


I am not old nor tired. The argument is invalid


I just woke up, and am still sleepy.

Does that count as tired?


Reply to @hotwebideas: I agree!




I haven’t seen any shameless self promotion. just people playing games and talking about issues and opinions.


Reply to @lolacey: Nope, there are definitely people doing shameless promotion, but in my opinion, it’s all good! If you hang around long enough on this forum, they will all become your friends here and they will perform the shameless promotion for you.

What I love about this forum is that everyone supports everyone else. Buyers and sellers alike!


I just post. Don’t do any promotion at all here. I bet no one knows I do web design on the forums…


kim_talented said: I bet no one knows I do web design on the forums..

You just told us... :-)


Its pretty late here… Im starting to get tired


Guess that person was right then, it got later (we are now older = old) and we are all now tired…

so this tired ole gal is going to bed! Happy Mayan survival day…