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Are Web Developement Tasks OverCharged or Undercharged?

Since the freelancing world has taken a new shape, new sellers tend to under quote for prices to complete several web development projects some say because they just started, some says that’s the new trend while the rest have other reasons, i think regardless of your reasons one should know the worth of their job been completed and should not complete a thousand dollar task for 10 usd. just me and my random thoughts, what do you say ?

There’s a lot of competition here. If you’re new, you don’t have social proof of your worth. It’s better to provide a lot of work at a rock bottom price to get started, then gradually work towards whatever price you’re happy with.

$10k for $10 is dumb though. This isn’t really a question that needs discussion, as each of us can set our own prices according to our own situation.

Have to agree with emmaki, it isnt much of a discussion as much as it is us setting our own prices.

That being said, I think that some people price their gigs to make a living, and others as a hobby, and other as just getting started. That being said, living wages in different countries can differ drastically, so people can undercut those with higher living costs. I personally think you pay for what you get.

I personally price based on my living costs, and what I make per hour with other clients outside of fiverr. I think the whole “$5” mentality of the site has corrupted expectations, and attracts the wrong type of sort.

Web Developers are always underpaid. Doesn’t matter which freelance website you are working on.

The bidding system.
Rating system.
Response rates.
and the list goes on.

These things make it pretty hard for someone to charge a client more than $2000 for a web dev gig.

I have personally never seen anyone selling a website for more than $700 on Fiverr. While on the other hand, people are making tons of money by just installing a theme on WordPress by offering their services through a blog.

wpbeginner used to charge more than 20K for a simple WordPress business website. I still create websites like that for $350.