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Are you a demoted TRS? How has it affected you?

I would like to hear if you were TRS and got demoted. Did it lower your sales by 50%? 75%?

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Hi there! The short of it is I left two years ago as a TRS, got demoted maybe a year later after inactivity, and have only come back now. It’s hard to say if my low sales now is because of the demotion or because of gig impressions that I still have to work hard for, understandably. Are you asking because this is your experience? How are your sales going, OP?

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Hi, what is OP? Opinion?

I got demoted after the new level standards and my sales are a faction of what they were. The irony is that when I search for my gigs, my #1 gig is on the first row, yet I’m not making the money I used to make, not even half of what I used to make.

So you got demoted for inactivity? So where you putting your gigs on vacation or did you get orders and didn’t complete them? Sorry to hear that happened to you.

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Thanks, I was born in 1975. I know OPP- Other People’s Problems. Didn’t know OP.


It’s OK. I didn’t even get connected with the internet full time until I was 18 years old due to financial issues. So it wasn’t until then that I even knew what “JK” meant.


@lucycodex thanks for explaining what OP meant! :slight_smile: @fastcopywriter Sorry, I assumed it was a known thing. Hey, I was born in 1980! :slight_smile: Anyway, no, I paused all my gigs. I didn’t think I was going to come back on Fiverr or wanted to, so I’m not too brokenhearted by low gig impressions. :slight_smile: If my sort of rebirth doesn’t work this time, I’m happy to leave again. Fiverr is just an extra source of income and a passion project really. I get contacted by old clients and take their gigs when they offer them. Good luck with yours!

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