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Are you a gamer? Pc gamer? Then you know its that time of the year

hey, does anyone here play games on their pc by steam ? Its the summer sale and im spending like crazy but saving a ton of cash so its all good :slight_smile: If anyone like to play let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

What games have you purchased?

I recently got

Goat sim

Castle crashers

Farcry 3

Metal slug

Risk of rain


You really are an addict, kiddo. I hear they have government-sponsored programs, that really help you with the painful withdrawal symptoms…


It’s that time of the year indeed! Surprisingly I’m not that excited this time. I don’t know what happened since last year but I don’t seem to want to get any new titles. Meh. Maybe I’m going through a weird gamer period or maybe I’m too busy with Wildstar to care about anything else:P

I’ll keep a look on the deals every day juuuust in case something catches my attention.

Reply to @cristinaghy: maybe you already got all the titles you needed. It has happened to me before.

Reply to @regency85: i was gonna rant about this but then i read your nickname and remembered, " ah, this is regency… the one who hates cookies,… he must… PERISH!" ahahahahahaah stay true ;D

Reply to @biancha: Yeah, you know I love you. :-*

> he must… PERISH!

Oh No! Is that a Goat-simmed, Castle-crashing, Metal Slug she has sicked on me???

I’m DOOMED…! :open_mouth:

Reply to @regency85: you are the snail ;D

Reply to @biancha: Ewwwwwww!

You definitely need help… :open_mouth:

Reply to @regency85: for a moment i was like " omg …he stalking me " ? i forgot i mentioned all those games hahahhahaa.

Reply to @regency85: hahaaha X_X its ok if you dont like my animations… i will make new ones really soon… and you will be … DEALT WITH! COOKIE CUTTER 4,000! BUAAHAAHAH

Reply to @kjblynx: oddworld is good, i played only the first game. :smiley: love the whole concept.

Goat Sim looks really fun! I most recently tried Don’t Starve on Steam (a friend gifted it :x ). It’s very addicting. But then I made the settings easier, and it’s actually less fun that way. I guess the moral is that it’s better to stress yourself out :)>-

Reply to @wobblydeer: i was going to get that one but it didnt appeal to me. I got " they bleed pixels" instead :smiley: Im creepin’ every 8 hours so i can get the best flash sales :smiley:

Reply to @biancha: Ohh the art for that one looks really pretty! Haha I try not to creep so I won’t be tempted! Humble Bundle is another good place to get deals.

Reply to @wobblydeer: yeah, it can be tempting but i follow simple rules, only buy games im sure i will play as soon as i purchase for at least 1 hour or more. :smiley:

Reply to @kjblynx: ah i added it to my wish list :smiley: if i got some spare change i will get it later, it looks fun and retro-ish.

Im also thinking about gettin Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons.

Reply to @kjblynx: looks like a gba graphics , if thats not a retro look idk what retro is.

Im hooked with risk of rain, cant beat level 4, best thing about the game is the graphics and soundtrack.

I havent seen anything like that game in a long time.

I wasted money on battleblock theater thinking it was gonna be like castle crashers X_X UGH!

Btw my steam is megupets if y’all wanna play :slight_smile:

I might lose this battle and get Don’t Starve. Looks very Tim Burtonish:)

Reply to @kjblynx: you said the game was called two brothers.

This game(from your picture ) is called " Brothers , A Tale of Two Sons"

(We just tried Two Brothers on Steam … AMAZING game play and story. )

Two brothers is a retro game. Here is a pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Brothers, i might get it later if i can get it on a flash sale :slight_smile:

Sheriff’s Note: Please re-size your image to 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels.

Reply to @cristinaghy: haha yes. Thats one of the reasons i dont like it.

I think that style has its place on the movies, not games. but thats just my opinion, there is a game called “Closure” iots ont a buck and a half and it looks gorgeous.