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Are you a Human?


I just got a “check this box to prove you’re not a bot” when refreshing a page on the site…first time that’s happened to me on Fiverr.

Is this another new addition?

Has it happened to anyone else?


Yes, it happened few months ago.


Actually, this is a IP address problem when the Fiverr think you are using local IP addressees and you try a page much time he launches the recaptcha for detect you are human or not (robot). I think it’s not a big issue. But I will give you an advice for preventing from suspend an account please use a unique or dedicated IP for Fiverr. Because dedicated IP gives you the extra privacy and security. Thanks a lot.


I’m travelling a lot and working from different places do I get that message quite often. Especially if I check the browser version of fiver from my phone.


Nice explanations. So, how do we ensure a unique IP address for fiverr?
This is not too clear for me.


Actually your ISP tell you the information. You ask them If they tell you your IP address is unique. Then you check it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Great! Its a good idea. But if you travelling a lot you buy a vpn which give you an unique/dedicated ip addresses for providing your internet. I think its secure for you and any fiverr or important account. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I don’t know where you got your info. from, but I know for a fact that your Fiverr account is secure even if you access it from different IP addresses. So, there is no need for any VPN to access Fiverr and to “secure” your Fiverr account. :slight_smile:


I think your comment is right. But If you use a Spam ip address its makes some issue like profile suspended, like captcha problem. I advice vpn for who facing this problem captha problem or any page issue of fiverr. Thanks :slight_smile:


VPN is one of the reasons your account might get flagged for location verification.
Stop gaming the system and just focus on selling your gigs.

I guess Fiverr is trying something new to fight these dimwits using plugins to show online 24/7.
I’m not saying this is the case for you, it’s probably just random check or something like it. Don’t worry about it.


Thanks for that! It only happened the once, and my internet had been spotty during that hour or so, probably that is what caused it.

Interesting that it happens more to some people than others!


I was a little panicky when I had the endless captcha loop for at least ten minutes for no reason. I was endlessly counting hydrants and cars in little squares over and over. And some of the pictures were diabolically obscure so you couldn’t tell what it was. I wish I could remember how I got out of it. Maybe it was a nightmare.