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Are you a new seller and have jealousy with top rated sellers?

Don’t worry! Problem is resolved now.Try this…

1.Add a video to your gig telling everything about your services. Some benefits of adding video to your gig are-

  1. While creating a gig, concentrate on keywords(Tags). Try to add title with tags, and when your gig becomes active, change the title name.


    If you want to create a gig like - I will do power point presentation for you for $5. Use tags to the title like- “ppt, presentation, powerpoint presentation, video”…and when your gig become active change its name to “I will do power point presentation for you”.

Don’t forget about social marketing of your gigs - facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedn, etc.

Fiver success is not easy these days, without some kind of self-promotion.

Thanks @ambiklain for the helpful advice. But your last tip didn’t make sense to me… what’s the difference in the name of the gig after it becomes “active”, in your example in your post? Remember, we don’t ever have to write ‘for $5’ in the title. Fiverr does this for us.

Reply to @createds: I am trying to market my Fiverr business using the social media marketing strategies as you’ve suggested. But I don’t understand, how would you use the different social networks to market your services? Do you just randomly post to the world or do you target groups…?

I would appreciate your advice so much!

Sheriff’s Note: Place Your Self Promotion in the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Do not hi-jack topics.

Reply to @kjblynx: Solid advice to my query! Thx alot @kjblynx :slight_smile:

Great post.

However, for me personally (as a buyer and seller), the entire video process is redundant. I buy the majority of my gigs on the go using my mobile device, and I’ve never watched a video before due to streaming constraints. I’ve also never watched a video on my desktop either. I don’t think a gig should be rated based on the sellers creativity or editing skills, instead, it should be based on their responsiveness and willingness to help.

Just my two cents on videos! :slight_smile:

Reply to @pinnochio: I target groups, for example I join Facebook groups with keyword “fiver”. When accepted in the fiver groups, promote my gigs. But don’t over promote, only 1-2 links per day, per group. Same about twitter.

Hope this helps.