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Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]


The biggest difficulty for new sellers is how to make the first order. That gives confidence to the buyer

Please Tell How To Get First Order

New resource added:


It took long to read the full post. There are many resource which i didn’t even know. Thanks you very much man. :slight_smile:


I’m June, I also get order 1st time, hope July will be blast


Thank you for this post


in june, 1st time get order


Thank you for this. As a medical writer, allow me to use the analogy of the sigmoid curve when it comes to the seller efforts in Fiverr. At first, it’s a steep hill of a task. Later, it’s easy peasy and orders will come to you. However, there’s always some effort to put to staying at the top. I now realize that I need the advice from your post to get back on track.


That was really helpful and loaded with useful information.
Thank you.


Really excellent post, thanks


Very Good and informative post…
important also, want more from u about fiverr success. :slight_smile:


Everything you need to be successful is in the original post.


Very informative instruction for new buyer, I have applied almost these tips but still waiting for the first order for 2 weeks…


You might wish to create your own topic under #Your-Fiverr-Experience:improve-my-gig
I had a quick look at your gigs and you have a ton of work to do. I’m not sure what steps you took because most of the tips haven’t been followed so you might wish to read it again.


Ok thanks very much for your help


Another excellent post here (I can’t seem to edit the original post to put this in, so just adding it here).


Another great article here:


this one is all in one collection, hats off dear :heart_eyes:


I am very happy as a newbie by reading such kind of post. I think it helps me a lot to go forward make my fiverr carrier run smoothly. Thanks for Share.


this tips is very essential for new seller fiverr. In the post i think the newbie who is confused and fear how can he started or depressed in fiverr must encourage and will be working with new energy. great post for newbie. thanks for so much because of discuss in most essential topic.


Thank you so much for this!