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Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]

That’s the BEST topic ever, check out that:


Thank you Mr. @paulmaplesden for sharing your great suggestions. I do agree with you.

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Along with post; all the comments, replies and links are so much beneficial to a newbie.
Thanx to everybody.

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worth reading for new seller for me. thank you

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Really nice post. All I can say in two lines is giving the value that can improve the thing in the way which buyer want, according and equal to money is the must thing to have in business for its never ending!

This post answers not only the questions of the present but also answers the questions, which new sellers can have in future. However, I will give my attention to this post, when I have free time. Thanks for this nice slice.:yum:


Thank you so much for making this extremely in-depth guide. I have this page bookmarked now & plan on reading through most of the links. This also serves as reference material to come back to if I’m stuck, or simply to make sure I’m still on track.

I found the article about how to write a gig description very helpful. I took suggestions from a YouTube video. The video’s tips however aren’t getting me sales because over 50 people have clicked on all of my gigs but I haven’t received any sales yet. I realized I had a lot of repeating info & that CAPS were not recommended. I even had a sentence that was recommended by said video that had the first letter of each word capitalized. After viewing my gig from a buyers standpoint, what I had before wasn’t attractive. Hopefully my new changes will help.

Again, thank you so much for this post! It has helped me so much already by only reading a couple articles and know it will help much more than it has already.




Thank you so much. If guidance in any business use properly one can achieve success easily.


I’m a new seller.
still i can’t get any order :pensive:

how do i pin this post?

nice person in a fiverr market

That’s awesome. it’s a resourceful and also helpful article for the new sellers.

thanks for the insight. i believe as a newbie seller i’d eventually get my gigs to be patronized and earn enough income to buy my professional DSLR camera and lense for my Nature photography

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How nice, So cute your wish is and I truly pray for you to achieve as what you said. But believe me if you really want to enjoy your success do hard work. Money always follows to those who follow their vision. Never ever go for money, it never comes alone.

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Good to know!

Thank you, sir!

Thanks for putting all together…

It really worth sharing…