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Reply to @nyc_best: Well since you asked…

The fact that you changed your profile picture within the last hour for one.

The original image was named “isolated portrait of a beautiful casual woman” (not really something someone saves their own picture as, eh?) as seen in the image url:

That image could be found at:

The new image you changed it to is titled “beautiful teen lady in casual dress on black background”, as seeen in the image url:

Which can be found on these stock image sites:

It was not that that big of a deal, really; just something I find odd. Now that you are actually lying about it is an interesting twist, though. Like I said, it could just be me but I find that if someone is going out of their way to lie about and/or hide their identity it sets off red flags.

nyc_best said: My profile pic is my real picture sir.

Actually... http://■■■■■■/RjcIr

…and what gave you that impression sir? My profile pic is my real picture sir.

Is it just me or does anyone else not trust someone who uses a fake profile picture?

Good sleuthing everyone, I just gave a like to all the posters that provided valid information. I am going to call a spade a spade and even go further by saying that I would never purchase anything form someone that self describes themselves as ‘official’ or ‘premiere’ or ‘top’ or in the case of this questionable seller: 'best’

I doubt anyone would get the results claimed for the simple fact that a sentence was started with ‘… and’ neither of which should be used to start any sentence in any context.

English is my second language but just for the sake of prosperity and those of you also in the ESL category, it should simply have been: 'What gave you that impression sir?'

Thanks for the great detective work and the good laugh, I needed it today… some people’s kids I tell ya!



Wow. nyc_best, you are BUSTED!!!

I wonder why this gig isn’t on the first page I guess you are saving that for you’re clients ahhaa

I’m curious about the nyc. I would think that stands for New York City (unless you guys can think of something else), but this seller is from the UK according to their profile. A little confusing, especially when you consider the photos…

This thread is funny. She joined 1 month ago, and her best gig has 73 sales (which isn’t a surprised because people buy supposedly real traffic like hot cakes on here).

LOL!! What a shame… She got caught. A 1st level seller providing service to make others top rated seller. Maximum of her gigs are teach you how/guide which makes her a extremely knowledgeable person :smiley:

I actually didn’t even notice until I read “that’s my real picture sir.” I was like wow she’s a model? I wonder why she’s not doing testimonial gigs. And I’m nosy so I googled the image. XD

Thanks for the great service NYC-Best

I like you no matter what.

Pls help me iam a new seller havent got any sales since 2 months now…

@amitkaria do not be discouraged, keep promoting your gig of social media and bookmarking sites and very soon sales will come.