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Are You Also Experiencing A Huge Drop in Sales?

I have been on Fiverr for more than 2 years and have been earning around $100 a day. However, for the last couple of months my sales dropped drammatically (down to $5-$20 a day) after rumors of so-called “Fiverr search algorithm changes”. I changed absolutely nothing in my gigs, have always delivered on time and had a very low cancellation rate, but my gigs simply stopped selling. If that is due to the Fiverr team screwing up the search algorithm thingie of Fiverr website then that is a huge screw-up and must be fixed immediately. As a long-time seller on Fiverr who sacrified so much for their Fiverr business all I can say is that this is completely unacceptable!


Try whatever you did the last time?


I did, but it is only getting worse every other day. That is really strange and I’m out of ideas.

Contact customer service, we can’t fix it.

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Yes lately sales are really bad! I never faced this kind of scarcity of work in last 5 years. Not sure if there is some Global Recession is going on :frowning:

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Yes i had an account earlier which is not active now
Where the sales were 500-600 monthly
but before the account disabled i had no sales

I am on various different sites in order to earn money from freelancing, and Fiverr is just one of those things that are unpredictable. This is why I highly suggest to everyone to find far more than one source of income. I work part-time at a physical job, but I also make a few hundred here on Fiverr. I do some writing for some other sites, as well as writing my own ebooks that I self-publish for a few dozen dollars extra a month.

Freelancing is a fickle business, and algorithms change. YouTube recently enforced their age-old ad-acceptance criteria, which is causing millions of videos to be demonetized. Many people are mad about that, but it is something that the company has a right to do. Many people are benefitted by their change, many aren’t. But it’s the nature of working with a single company.

My main word of advice would be to branch out. Find other sites.


I experience sharp ups and downs on fiverr and that’s how it is. I take the drops in sales as more me time. Cancellations, vacations, late deliveries all affect and lower sales volumes.

I admit I do hope for more sales lately. There has been a drop off which might be due to me taking a one week vacation lately. Or it might still be the strange algorithm.

I don’t like having so much free time as I have had these past two weeks.

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I just noticed a drop in my impressions. My sales are same because of regular clients. Haven’t received too many orders from new clients in a while. Maybe my high delivery time is putting them off, but can’t be helped.

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My sales are only 60% of what they should be for the past month. And most are regular repeat buyers.

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Yes, I am on another site for a while as well, my sales have slumped there as well even though I have reduced the delivery time.

I’ve been complaining about a drop in sales since March. It picked up a bit mid-August. Right now I’m taking a marketing course so I can sell via my own website or social media accounts. I also sell stuff on the marketplace sites. I’ve even applied for real jobs (gasp!) locally, but no luck yet. I would not rely on Fiverr for your sole income.