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Are you also experiencing this? - Buyers not leaving reviews anymore?


I always knew some buyers prefer just downloading the delivery and close the webpage, but lately it’s been crazy!

I had about 8 orders lately, and only 3 of them got marked as complete by buyers.

What is even funnier is that some of them kept asking for revisions, and upon final delivery just simply left without even saying thank you, considering the fact that they received maybe 5 times more than what they paid for.

Even more, I got a buyer bombarding me with messages, I got 38 emails of Fiverr messages from the same person (in less than 20 min), while he clearly told me ‘‘I need this done is less than half an hour’’, every time changing the modification he needed, or adding others, and asking me about 10 times ‘‘How is it going?’’. Not to mention how frustrated he was because I wouldn’t call him or communicate outside of Fiverr. How am I supposed to complete his work in less than half an hour and give him updates every single minute…

— AFTER all the modifications he requested during my process of working to his order he then- Requested about 6 revisions-- because he changed his mind. Apparently he does that very often. Upon final delivery, guess what? No review, no thank you, nothing.

I know they are paying me to do the job, and I still get the money, but lately most of them seem to be so rude and overwhelming.

What I am concerned about is how do buyers see my profile, as although I am completing orders, I don’t have many recent reviews. Will this affect my work in any way? :expressionless:



How do you do that?:joy: Awesome memes.


yes its painful but we can’t do anything about it.


Well, Fiverr has recently updated the review interface for buyers. Previously it consisted of 3 big boxes where the buyer had to choose the rating and the review box below the delivery in a green background. But now it has been changed to 2 small green buttons, one with “Accept & Complete” and another with “Ask for revision”. That could perhaps be one of the reasons.

@saddu_writer, Google



I agree I think our ad campaign makes us look like highschool drop outs tbh lol


Well could it be that fiverr’s latest ad campaign portrayed the buyers and sellers as rude, dope smoking posers who run their businesses from pay toilets? I wonder if there might be a different effect if the community had been portrayed as professionals who actually run quality businesses.

Troll with you advertising and you get trolls.


I know they are paying me to do the job, and I still get the money, but lately most of them seem to be so rude and overwhelming.

YESS OMGJSJDSLSJD I literally posted a topic about this!
I swear to god I’m pretty sure Fiverr’s been advertising on some ghetto websites lately. I LEGIT had a buyer who was 100% nuts. First she was nice to me, then rude then nice, then rude. She was a certified bipolar whacko who wouldn’t leave me alone.
Whoever Fiverr has been advertising with needs to stop. My January sales went through the roof, was so good.



I’m going to go off topic here a bit. I just checked out your gigs and all I can say is “WOW!” I love your profile, gig descriptions and pictures!

On New Year’s Day I posted a “How to write a review” for buyers, but as I had expected it was viewed by more sellers than buyers. Although, I suspect at least one new buyer read it and decided to change his review for the better.

I’m sorry you are not receiving the reviews you deserve. Your professional attitude leads me to believe that sooner or later you will get all sorts of the “Right” type of buyers who will appreciate you the way you should be.

Really going off topic here: I :green_heart: your introduction/conclusion gig. Is that just for academic papers or can you do that for eBook (short story)?

I wish you the very best.


Perhaps they are so over the moon with the delivery, they were too giddy with excitement to leave a review! :relaxed:


At least it’s better than getting a 3 star ‘meh’ review because they’re never satisfied.


Thank you so much for your kind words! They made me :blush:

I appreciate all my buyers, and I love working with them, no matter how difficult they may be. Sometimes it gets frustrating, just because I don’t want the lack of reviews to affect my overall selling process. Other than that, I am beyond grateful for each buyer who contacts me, no matter if they continue with an order or not, because I always make sure they have a positive experience. :relaxed:

About my introduction & conclusion gig, it is only for academic articles. :blush:


I also got a lot of unsatisfied buyers when I first started, so I ended up cancelling a lot of orders. :confounded:
It affected my sales a lot!

I just hope that Fiverr will also gain kind and professional buyers with this campaign. :slight_smile:


I’m experiencing this, definitely. @taverr’s explanation seems pretty reasonable, though.


I found a way to encourage buyers leaving a review. Before, I was leaving the following attached to my delivery, among the other info, of course – “If you’re happy with my work, don’t forget to mark the order as complete.”

Now, what I write is – "If you’re happy with my work & you don’t need any other modifications, don’t forget to complete the final step of this order, accepting my delivery and leaving a review.

(for new buyers when they hear it’s a final step, they might feel like it’s mandatory, especially if that is their first order->they will always do it with all their orders)

– just my opinion-- hope it helps.


I haven’t experienced less reviews lately.