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Are You Avoiding Buyers in Certain Countries?

I have several gigs on Fiverr. Through working with clients on some of my gigs (the ones that are quick and easy), I’ve learned there are certain buyers in certain countries who just NEVER read the gig description. Or, they read the description but still insist on you doing things you said you wouldn’t do. Because of my experience with those buyers, I won’t even work with them on my social media management gig. Social media management is very time consuming. And for the price point I have here, I just refuse to deal with people who can’t follow instructions or are known to ask for things we didn’t agree on.

Have you noticed this trend? Buyers from certain countries are far more difficult than others?

I have found difficult buyers from all countries. To publicly insinuate that “certain” countries have more difficult buyers than others does not paint you in the best light.

I used to avoid some buyers. I don’t want to violate any rule here, but it is better to avoid some buyers because most them are sellers too. So, if you are having a good rating, they’d place an order of $5 just to make sure that they have a bad comment and review about you. Such people, there’s no how you can satisfy them onn Earth. So, I avoid them a lot (Thank God for spam). Just be wise and be careful before they destroy you.