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Are you creating a great user experience on Fiverr?


I just wanted to share with you something a client wrote to me today that might make you think about how you treat your customers:

Hi Rick,

Thanks so much for your message, I really appreciate the professionalism which is underlying such a response and to be frank, it’s something that to date in my interaction with Sellers on Fiverr has been sadly lacking. This was going to be my last gig on Fiverr and then I wasn’t going to bother using the platform any longer and although I may not post any other gigs on here, If I ever need any editing services in the future, I’ll be asking if it’s something you and your team can do.

I had a great conversation with Anthony on Saturday, he not only assisted me with the comments in, he also helped me sort out how to use it when I couldn’t work out how to to what I wanted to do.

Altogether, to this moment, this has been a fantastic experience.

I’m looking forward to receiving the final edits.



Put the trumpet away, dear.


Who is Rick? Who is Anthony? Who is L.? Who is buyer? Who is seller? Really confusing.


Well, certainly beats getting a death threat or a disgruntled buyer peering through your windows at night. That said, (and yes I’m a pessimist) be careful. It’s possible that this buyer is buttering you up so that further down the line they can ask for freebies.

This has happened a couple of times to me. In this case, I now have a steely Margret Thatcher-like way of getting work done. Yes, I’ll write your sales copy, but I don’t care if your cats got hiccups and you need it in one day instead of two, you pay extra for that or you don’t get it. Simple.


It doesn’t matter who they all are. They all love each other very very much and we should respect that.


Maybe it’s all a subtle advertisement for the website mentioned.


I am guessing you are Rick and L is your client?

I pretty much had similar experience as L on 5r with the first few purchases. The difference is I did not message my so called bad experience to the first great seller I got.

Not sure what it accomplishes to trash sellers to other sellers via private message.


It’s worth noting that if a buyer ever trashes someone else for “poor work” while asking me if I can help them with XYZ, I instantly dump them. It’s not something I need to know about, and without knowing the full details of the incident, it’s a great way to make a new relationship instantly awkward.

Sometimes, when I dump these buyers, my suspicions are confirmed as they have a meltdown and say they will report me to CS simply because I’ve declined to work with them (and I don’t consider “sorry, too busy” and similarly style responses to be rude!)


Complainers complain. If they trash mouth someone else to you, they will eventually trash mouth you to someone else. Next customer, please.