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Are you discovering 💸 price gouging 💸 due to the COVID-19?

Hey, Everyone… Let’s talk about panic buying and money. :money_with_wings:

I think it’s OK to say that TP is a HOT commodity. :woozy_face: I’m OK with canned goods and water, but hey that’s just me. I went out shopping to buy TP but was running across a bunch of empty shelves. Grrr! I have a membership at Sam’s club and they were out. Wow! I finally found some at a Target, sheesh! I’m starting to think it’ll be best to stock up on leaves, albeit they are dry. :grin: The spring is right around the corner so the leaves :leaves: will be readily available.

Are you experiencing this price gouging in your city, town, country? If yes, what kinds of things are people asking for?

I found this listing online for a 12-pack of toilet paper for a whopping $250. Don’t believe me here’s a screenshot below. Are these people mad?

This is just ridiculous, people are banking on this pandemic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What kinds of things are you having a hard time finding in your country?


Soap, hand gel, toilet roll, a woman who looks good but can cook.


LOL, soap and a woman? Wow! :sweat_smile:

I’ve stocked up on the feminine products and other stuff. It’s just mind-boggling how people are panic buying. I went out to buy a few things for the elderly who can’t get around like us younger folk. I think it’s time people start learning how to make these stuff. I learned how to make soap and candles a couple of years back.


It’s entirely possible the lack of soap is what’s stopping me from finding a nice woman!

That’s really sweet. Kudos. :slight_smile:

Has your uni cancelled classes now?


Sorry, I added the bit about candles and soap making after you replied.

Our Spring break start next week. But after we come back from our break, we’re finishing the semester online. Which is fine with me and it’s the right thing to do. How are you doing across the pond?


Lol, You made my day :smile: :rofl:


Can someone please explain why toilet roll is the must-have commodity of the moment?

If people are lunatics and believe that it is now vital to stockpile toilet roll, can you blame someone from putting the price up?

Hand sanitizer might cost the same per ounce as the Queen of England, but vinegar does the same thing. Every toilet paper factory in the world might get eaten by Godzilla tomorrow, but there are always… Other ways.

And what on Earth are these people planning to eat when the toilet paper runs out?



This brings me back to the Doomsday Preppers, I bet they are sitting back laughing at people going mad. While their stockpiles are through the roof. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to TP. Unless a person has a severe case of diarrhea. :nauseated_face::mask: No idea!


Well, they did have it right. I’ve actually been waiting for this for a decade. I did always wonder how I would find a way to rule over the last vestiges of the human race. As it turns out, I will just need to pay my future army with the promise of a weekly wet wipe. :wink:


I feel like people are making light of the real issue with all of this.

It looks like pubs may be closed IN IRELAND ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

This is a never before seen phenomenon and is something which should trouble us all.


Well, a day off is good once in a while. :slight_smile:

At least you don’t have random police spot checks yet. That’s where going to the pub gets really hairy.


Damn, that’s pretty rough.

Back to the topic on TP though, I have a solution.
Hotels are really cheap at the moment and always give you at least two rolls. Simply book a cheap hotel and you get two rolls for that price. Simples.


Amen to that! This virus causes respiratory issues. It has nothing to do with the stomach or intestines, for which TP might be useful.

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Shopping receipts tend to be rather long these days. Perhaps those could serve as alternate TP? :stuck_out_tongue:


“The usual in-demand stuff” is selling out quickly but seems to get re-stocked regularly enough (apart from anything hand-sanitizer and disinfectant, that’s gone since weeks now, and not back yet despite it’s been said it’s produced here and it would be no issue to restock).
Supposedly, empty shelves are not a shortage but a logistics issue.

Thankfully, however, I haven’t seen any prices going up so far for the things that sell out all the time, apart from that whatever you are looking for, of course, the most expensive brands remain on the shelves the longest, so if you really need to buy tp, not just to hoard, you might be looking at higher prices for the super duper soft luxury tp.

I haven’t seen or heard of shops here placing restrictions on stuff yet either, but I guess that might be coming, to ensure that the people who don’t hoard, can get things too.
Indeed, if you go to the supermarket after 9pm on a Saturday, you won’t see a single pack of tp, I didn’t see any flour or sugar either. Personally, I prefer to stock food that will serve me in any sort of crisis, like no electricity, or light and small enough to throw in a backpack if I have to leave the house (I’ve lived in flood-ridden areas) but yeah.
Many people seem to be afraid that supermarkets/food shops/drugstores will either be closed or not getting re-stocked.
If they wanted to raise prices, they’d surely get away with it practically, people who could would still buy, but I think they’d be told no by the authorities if they actually did it.

That’s for normal shops, there are the odd “crisis entrepreneurs” who put up hand sanitizer on ebay for high prices, yes.

Prices of things that will become more expensive to produce/transport/provide/keep in quarantine because of the situation obviously might increase sooner or later.

However, something requiring tp is listed as a possible symptom, so that might have to do with the tp hoarding craze :wink:


I see the gig selling a few face masks for $100 is gone now but we have ones like this if you search for “face masks”

I will assist in supplying 3 ply face mask with water resistance, earlobe holder

There is a gig selling some sort of Armani watch that comes with a free face mask - $60

Fiver removes ones that attempt to profit off this.

One of the symptoms is indeed intestinal issues.

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I bought some essentials yesterday, haven’t noticed price surges yet. In fact, pharmacy workers looked very bored and disinterested when I came in to buy some mineral water. But again, we officially have 3 cases in total so far. The general consensus is that’s because we had 3 tests available and used all of them.

Btw, are you considered a risk group if you have heavy seasonal respiratory allergies? I’m doomed if that’s the case.



I was in the process of replying back to you last night, but fell asleep and ended up dreaming about TP, it was a trippy dream. Kinda like the Eminem music video @catwriter shared with me. :crazy_face: If you’re interested in watching on YT it’s called Godzilla :sauropod:ft. Juice WRLD

:dizzy_face: I would think people would want to remain sober considering the circumstances.


-gasp- how are you going to survive? Koolaid, perhaps?

Plus many flavors to choose from. :point_down:t4:

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Hey, Jon!

It’s basically hoarding, I mean other people are still struggling to find TP and paper towel.

Maybe just maybe we should start buying plungers in bulk. :smiling_imp:

Check out this lady sitting on her throne of TP.

Read the box hehe. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Perhaps the less talked symptom of the virus the urgent need to keep pooping? :poop: I can’t think of any other reason to hoard TP. :sweat_smile: Hand sanitizers I get somewhat.