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Are you distrustful of human sincerity or integrity?

If I start expressing my opinion on a lot of what I see, hear and read, people will see how cynical I am.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though.

Is it true that cynics never win?

When I first meet people I try to not assume what kind of people they are. But I always stay vigilant. I would like to have a conversation first with them, have an eye contact. In most cases their eyes tell the truth while smiles can be fake.

lol… “I try to not assume what kind of people they are”…
I just assume all people are cool until they prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I try. So it´s not never :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes I assume, but I try to put whatever thoughts aside :slight_smile:

I don’t trust anyone in real life to be honest, except my mother. In India nobody trusts anybody.

Really, Nobody trusts anybody… Why?

Experience :slight_smile:

I know some people that I can trust and they have proven me that I can trust them. My number one is my husband. I have a trustworthy person/husband and I trust him. He has a good reputation among people who know him for being kind, nice and trustworthy. All his friends (the ones that he has known from childhood to the newest ones), they all like my husband. He never gets angry at me (he is naturally a chill person). When I do something wrong he will critisize me nicely and he never raises his voice.

I am a cynical optimist. :wink: I’m pretty cautious after getting burned badly a few times when I trusted too soon or too much. At the same time, I want to believe the best, so I try to have a positive outlook externally while reserving judgement internally until I see more evidence.

I was much less cynical a long time ago, and so far being more cynical inside has served me quite well. I don’t regret it as long as I don’t let it make me into a bitter person who never takes the risk to get to know people. I think it’s important to stay approachable with boundaries. That seems to leave me with a fair number of really long time loyal friends of multiple ethnicities, religions, genders, etc. I am slow with new relationships. Feels like a win to me!

Well said.

I also know some people that I cannot trust:

  • A girlfriend who I recommended for a job but then she cheated my boss. OMG I was so embarassed. I cut her loose. I am glad my ex boss knows that I am not like her, so even up until now we are still friends (on Facebook as she lives in another country).

  • A girlfriend who borrowed my money, never returned my money and slandered me instead. I never wanna see her face anymore ever again. She will fuk her life if she keeps that attitude (I mean, I hope so, lol). She was lucky I don´t know how to punch someone in the face. I know how to kick though and I am pretty good at kicking. But why bother. I wish someday she will meet someone who would do that to her.

  • An ex boyfriend who cheated on me. He brought me flowers to apologize. LOL. What a retard. Firstly, I don´t like flowers even until now (especially I was a tomboy). Secondly, I don´t do a re-do. Once you screw me, it means a goodbye for good.

PS: People who have let me down are not that useless though, they have made me to be ˝smarter˝ (less stupid).

I don’t think cynics never wins…for me its good to not to trust anybody nowadays…and this is the only mantra to win …I don’t trust you when you say that you are cynical… M i cynical? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not distrustful enough. About once a month I make a note to myself to stop being so nice to people since I always end up feeling foolish for it. I prefer the company of animals.

I think cynics are realists. My cousin who is like a sister to me bought a house recently. I told her not to as it is too big & too expensive. She ignored me and bought the house and then emailed me urgently to ask if I knew anything abut mortgages.

In short, she has a mortgagee on her new home with which she only pays the interest in any payment. The house itself she is expected to save up for and pay off in one lump sum in 30 years time. With her finances and new baby, this simply isn’t possible. I however, was pinned as being cynical because buying a new house is just part of life isn’t it?

That aside, my family and UK friends peg me as the ultimate cynic for never really sharing their enthusiasm for the UK at any level.

Them: “How long are you going to be dosing around the world trying to be a writer?”

Me: “Err for as long as I have more money and positive day to day life experiences than you do, you Sun newspaper reading fools.” - I don’t usually say that last part of course.

As for being distrustful of human sincerity or integrity, this would be an overwhelming yes - but not because I think everyone is evil. Most peoples integrity, sincerity, and morals are simply too often misplaced and tarnished by self-righteousness.

I feel sorry for your cousin

@cyaxrex, I think you hit the nail on the head with that reply.

I especially liked the way you said you were pinned as being cynical because you told her not to buy the house, but of course, to those who rush in where cynics fear to tread, buying a new house is just part of life isn’t it?..

I agree…Cynics are realists!

And then there is this guy: