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Are You Earning $10,000 A Month On Fiverr?

How long did it take you to start earning those numbers? Did you bring in that income working part-time or full time on Fiverr?


part time mean you are not professional so i recommended to you try to more professional on fiverr,. thanks

If you type " fiverr success stories" in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find informative and inspirational.

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Hi Chalice,
Earning those numbers and part time work don’t match. Always remember there is hard struggle behind big success. Success even demands more than full time working. The road to success is a winding path. Fiverr adds more to our earning and esteem only if we do continued struggle and never quit.

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No, it doesn’t. Some people have full time jobs and work on Fiverr part time, and it definitely doesn’t mean that they’re not professional.


You are very wrong to state this. Some of the best sellers on Fiverr are part-time. I have 25 years’ experience in my field as a writer, proofreader and journalist.

As a freelancer I prefer to have several work outlets. I choose to work on Fiverr as it gives me the flexibility to fit orders around other parts of my life. However, I would never solely rely on Fiverr for income as there is way too much that is out of my control. This is why I choose to be part-time here.

However, the clients I do have on Fiverr receive a professional service, which is why I have consistent 5 star feedback over nearly 8 years from hundreds of clients. On the other hand I see you have… one review. It’s best not to make silly sweeping statements.


I would add that it would be pretty reckless ( to not say stupid) to give up a steady job to do Fiverr full time, if you can’t already live off Fiverr. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I hope nobody did that here.

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Now I am working a full-time job in Fiverr. But I did not earn a lot of money.

Well said. I resent the suggestion that a part-time freelancer isn’t professional.

All it means is that I’m not desperate enough to pin all my hopes on one marketplace.

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I agree with you, @catwriter

@web_nasim, if you can live by what you earn on Fiverr, then good for you! But not everyone does and that doesn’t mean they’re less professional or not professional at all.
I have a full time job and I joined Fiverr last September, simply because what I’m earning with my full time job is not enough, specially in these days of crisis, plus, even if it was enough, why should I be satisfied with that? It’s okay to aim for more.
Actually, it’s hard to balance my time between my full time job, personal schedules, and Fiverr, but I am managing to do that.

If ever comes a day (I hope so, even though I don’t wanna get my hopes too high :P) that I’ll start earning thousands from Fiverr, I don’t think I’ll leave my full time job. I’ll still keep it as something extra.

So yep, contrarily to web_nasim, let me show my admiration and support to all the sellers who have a job outside Fiverr.