Are you ever going to have desktop notifications?


Notifications on Android are useless because Android doesn’t allow for chronologically sorted notifications, and the app doesn’t let one choose the notification sounds. Email notifications only work about 1/4 of the time. So, being that that is the case, it would be really nice if one could get desktop notifications, like Chrome notifications.

I shouldn’t have to sit at the edge of my seat refreshing a Fiverr page in order to get an order.



no i had never
Except Gmail Notification


Firstly, I have a unique sound for my Fiverr App. I downloaded an app for that. Also my notifications are arranged chronologically.

What version of Android do you use?

Secondly, there are desktop notifications. It makes a distinctive pop sound when I have a notification without having to refresh.

The only thing I feel needs to be changed is the sound of that notification. Sometimes I don’t hear it when I am listening to music


If they had proper notifications, I wouldn’t have to have Fiverr open in a tab, I could just have Chrome open at all. I do wish email notifications wouldn’t have stopped working last month.


How did you get Android to sort notifications chronologically? Did you get a special app for that? Android, by default, does not sort notifications chronologically.


It arranges each app’s notification chronologically but not in general. I prefer the way it is sorted.

I didn’t get a special app for that.