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Are You Excited About Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia?


Since Fiverr is global community and marketplace, I decided to post something for the global community

Fifa World cup is next month. Are you excited?.. Which country do you think is going to win the Fifa World Cup this year or which country are you supporting?


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Fun Time. Champions League Final
Off Topic, who is your favorite team?
Off Topic, who is your favorite team?
Who'll win the FIFA 18?
Fifa World Cup Russia 2018

BRAZIL will win the Fifa World Cup this year :brazil::brazil:


Brazil has great soccer team…I’m sure Brazil will win this year like they always do…

Who is your favorite Brazilian soccer player?


England 1966? :wink:


All of them socially “Naymar”


It would be nice to see an underdog :soccer: team win.

Look at this lil’ guy :small_red_triangle_down: lolz FIFA World cup bound. :trophy: :rofl:

This kitty got smooth smuve moves. :stuck_out_tongue:




Yes you’re right England won the world cup in 1966…I was not born at that time. So I did not know. I’m sorry for forgetting the mention England win…



I agree I would like to see an underdog team win …And, the kitty should win the FiFa World Cup too…


Same here…


Don’t worry - we’ll do it for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck to all the teams, and I hope everybody enjoys watching the games!


I’d cheer for that kitty cat on the sidelines. :smile:


Too bad the :us: didn’t qualify. :anguished:

Maybe, just maybe one day they’ll bring this :trophy: home. :sweat_smile:



I would cheer the cat too…

Team USA would qualify for the world cup in 2022 and TeamUSA will win that same year…


Brazil wilk win hexa for us




I love British accents…



Yes, Brazil will win the World cup again…


Bwahahahaha maybe, I’ll ask :robot: about this Q for extra reinforcement. :stuck_out_tongue:

@discobot fortune

Tell us will the :us: qualify for the world cup in 2022 and win?

Do you like any other teams on the list?


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt



Its time to believe that Team USA will win in 2022 because @discobot is confident that the United States will win too…


I can’t wait for the World Cup to get started, I wish if I could only skip the days to the kick off. :rofl:

I think :fr: or :argentina: will win the title.

And of course I’ll support :serbia::serbia:

@nikavoice not sure about the WC 2022 but I guarantee you that :us: will qualify for the World Cup 2026 ( If they are the hosts ) :stuck_out_tongue: