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Are you experiencing problems with gig packages?

Whenever I wish to modify my current gig extras, Fiverr asks me to give a name to at least one gig package and define the terms. I don’t wish to have a gig package, I just want to have simple gig extras like before and change some terms without Fiverr asking me to name a package. Are you experiencing the same issue? Or, do you have any problems with the gig packages?


It is my understanding that when someone wants to modify a gig they must use packages. It is not a choice. So if you want to not use them you cannot modify the gigs.

My problem with packages is that extras are hidden until the buyer selects a package.

Buyers just dont seem t find the extras so now when they need a service that exists as an extra they dont see it and either move on or they send a message asking about things that would be clear if extras were in a more visible spot.

I agree the packages need some improvements such as what you are talking about.

HI,thanks.I do experience such.