Are you experiencing the fall in sales?


Is this happening to all, a sudden fall in sales?
I am wondering about the reason behind this. Anyone who knows the reason of this fall, please mention here


Yes,Sales are liked dried out…Very frustrating.


This happened in last week, sales slowed down and ultimately dropped to zero. I am curious about the reason of this :frowning:


Happened to me as well. I blame it on the holidays, but it seems to be getting better now. Also, there’s been some changes to the platform, so that may affect your position in search results. Try using incognito mode to check where exactly your profile and gigs appear in your categories. Good to know it’s not a singular case.


Thank you for your response. Hope this will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


What is incognito mode?


It’s a browser feature, loved by teenage boys the whole world over. Basically it’s a privacy feature that doesn’t store browsing history etc, and also removes personal data out of the equation–in this case, it might help to see gigs as a regular Fiverr user without it being “invisibilized” by the fact it’s your gig, if that’s a thing.


Yes, holidays :slight_smile:


Its opposite for me. I have roughly made $148 in the first 4 days of this month. Hoping to cross previous month earning :slight_smile:


Yes, only teenage boys love it, no one else.


Ah, it must be the holidays! I was wondering where the business was going. Good to know I’m not alone (:


I see you’re Level One, that is normal. It happened to me too when I reached level one. Sales drop then pick up again. It won’t take more than few days. Use the time where you have no orders to optimize your gig for better selling and SEO.
All the best :slight_smile:


How do I use incognito mode? I’m a clueless voice over artist who is trying to understand fiverr better. I’d love suggestions.


Very funny.


When you browse click on your tab and right click on settings you are suppose to see view in incognito mode, that is if your browser in Google.


Wao :slight_smile:


Firstly I thought these were holidays but writing category should not have that much impact of holidays :frowning:


Thank you for information that sounds like the exact reason :slight_smile:


Firefox - Ctrl+Shift+P

Chrome - Ctrl+Shift+N


Thank you