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Are you facing this problem

I got level one badge on this evaluation.But when I clicked on buyer request then they were showing me only 5 buyers requests of 15th August(evaluation day)of one category.While when I was new seller then they were showing me 40 _60 buter request if each category every day and now I am level one and it,s not showing me buyer request of present day any more.
They were 500 request and they a were of previous days.And I am facing the same problem till today.
Is there any who can tell me why it,s happening.?
Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?

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Try clearing your cache and reloading the page.


But how I can clear my cache in mobile phone app.i tried this at laptop but its not working which you are saying

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hey my problem is,nt solved yet.please help.i also sent my request to CS but 20 days are passed and they had,nt answered me any thing yet.

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Hmmm … check the ticket is still open. Sometimes it’s marked solved, so you have to reopen it with a new reply - just ask whether they’ve looked into it.

If it’s still open, you could try sending them an email with the ticket number in the subject line, asking them to attend to it. Sometimes that works.

I have a theory that at the moment, the queue gets so long the software can’t cope, so the CS agents need to be nudged to personally intervene …

Yes,That,s still open.
I had just received there bot reply before 15 i which they were saying that we will come back soon with human reply.But still nothing.

How can i email them?
What is there email?

IN upper msg i meant that (before 15 days in which)

You’ll need to be clearer - I have no idea what you’re saying here …

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Their email is
But you could reply to the existing ticket if you wanted/needed to.

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Ok thank you so much

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